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Can i get an irish passport for my wife

NOTE: Applications from persons where it is deemed that they are seeking such permission to simply gain entry to the State or where they seek such permission simply to continue their length of stay in the State for whatever reason, such applications will be refused and the appropriate and necessary action taken to remove the individual from the State. Any misinformation given during the application process will result in the application being refused immediately. Marriage to an Irish national does not confer an automatic right of residence in the State. A non EEA national who wishes to reside in the State on the basis of their marriage to an Irish national must make an application for permission to remain in the State.

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How to apply for an Irish passport

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Please feel free to browse existing topics for answers to your travel questions. More information can be found by viewing the following announcement. Details here. Hi, We are travelling from Australia to a few places in Europe this year. I will have my Irish passport and my Australian passport, but my wife will only have her Australian one. Is it worth me even taking my Irish passport?

I will get through the airport queues quicker potentially , but my wife will have to queue up with everyone else? Or could she come through with me? Anyone had experience with this or any tips? It may be the same for Ireland too. And, yes, your wfie can go through with you - my husband who doesn't have an Australian passport always goes through with me, in fact you have the choice but border controls prefer people travelling in the same party to go through together.

This is not the information that I have heard. UK man with small baby, the baby was on a non EU passport, was told that he couldn't go through the EU passport control as the baby was a non EU citizen. He was told both of them should go through the non EU passport control. Perhaps they only get pissy with UK passport holders. Alex I fly regularly between the UK and Australia and my husband, step children and I can always choose which immigration line, and have done for the lasr five years or so.

This debate has come up several times on TT, but of course, we cannot search for previous posts any more! It happened to my wife who is not an EU passport holder and my kids who are UK passport holders.

She went through the EU passport holders queue. She was allowed through but told not to do it again. Not sure what that means. I am not sure whether small children who are UK passport holders are expected to go through the EU control on their own or go through the non EU with their mum.

Seems a bit off if Immigration are allowing Australian spouses to go through EU control with their partner so they can jump the queue but then force small British children to go through the non EU passport control with their non EU parent. But then these people are complete humourless arse holes. Agree, but you don't always jump the queue, well at least at the other end in my case, as coming home, we obviously all go through EU Border control, as we all know, is a complete joke here!

Maybe Ireland is better? I am not suggesting you are jumping the queue. It is natural to stay with a partnet but the UK boarder control get pissy about non EU parents going through EU passport control with small children.

In early Jan I was travelling with my two kids on temporary passports issued by the British Embassy in Bangkok. So the British Embassy were totally staified that the passports were lost, that my kids were UK passport holders and issued temporary passports.

The Immigration officer at Heathrow was then questioning why the kids were on temporary passports. Not sure what he was going to do, not let them enter the country. So when he asked where the passports were I just said there was this fucking great tidal wave. He shut up after that. You should take both passports as part of full disclosure if anyone asks. I actually find border control in Oz to be quite good although for the most part I am in and out through Tulla.

There's a queue but it never seems to be more than 15 mins or so and it takes that long for the bags to get through anyway. And I like the customs people. They can take their cute little beagles to work! Bring both your passports and use the non-EU line with your wife. Use your Irish one and her Oz one - present yourselves together at immigration. Don't bring her into the EU line as she is not eligible to use it. Immigration is slow enough without people deliberately being in the wrong lines.

I flew into Paris a few years ago A Korean tour leader decided to take her massive group into the EU line and the immigration people didn't give a hoot. This topic has been locked by a moderator. All rights reserved. No part of this site may be reproduced without our written permission. No worries. I will have my Irish passport and my Australian passport, but my wife will only have…. See All. Thorn Tree forum. Post new topic.

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International English.

Irish nationality law

Are you eligible for Irish dual citizenship? Here's a guide on various ways to get the coveted Irish passport. An Irish passport has long been one of the most sought-after travel documents in the world and now with Trump elected in the US and Brexit passing in Britain, for thousands, there may be no better time to look into how to get their hands on one. Here is a guide to acquiring an Irish passport and why it may be a good idea to get your hands on one:. It's kitschy but true: being Irish is seen as being more, well, likable or something.

Irish nationality law is contained in the provisions of the Irish Nationality and Citizenship Acts to and in the relevant provisions of the Irish Constitution. A person may be an Irish citizen [1] through birth, descent, marriage to an Irish citizen or through naturalisation. The law grants citizenship to individuals born in Northern Ireland under the same conditions as those born in the Republic of Ireland.

WITH Brexit delayed until later this year, there's no better time to join the record numbers of Brits applying for Irish passports. Britain's departure from the EU will likely strip its citizens of the freedom of movement to live and work on the continent — unless they can acquire that right elsewhere. Last year, over , Irish passports were issued — representing yet another significant jump on previous figures since the Brexit referendum in June So far this year, more than , Irish passports have been issued, but first-time applicants are reportedly now facing a day wait to receive their documents.

Would I Be Able to Apply For an Irish Passport?

There are a variety of relationships that qualify in this regard, so you should never feel put off from investigating your options just because your relationship is non-traditional. You can apply for this visa if you are married to a British citizen or a person who has settlement status in the UK i. You are allowed to live and work in the UK for a two-and-a-half-year period initially, and you may also exit and re-enter the country multiple times. At the end of the two and half years, you will need to extend your stay in the UK for a further two and a half years. You may apply for this visa if you are in a long-term relationship with a British citizen or a person who has settlement status in the UK. You and your partner must be able to provide evidence that you have been living together in a relationship akin to marriage for two years or more. The relationship may be a heterosexual or a same-sex relationship. As with the marriage visa, the unmarried partner visa is initially issued for a two-and-a-half-year period with an extension application needed. At the end of this period, you may apply for ILR. Contact one of our consultants to find out how we can help you to remain in the UK based on your relationship.

Becoming an Irish citizen through marriage or civil partnership

Can I apply for an Irish passport in my original unadopted name? The ordinary rules for entitlement to Irish citizenship are that anyone born on the island of Ireland before 1 January is entitled to be an Irish citizen. An individual born outside of Ireland may be an Irish citizen by descent if one of their parents was born in Ireland and was an Irish citizen. British passport holders can generally hold dual nationality and are not required — under UK law — to give up their British nationality when they acquire the nationality of another country. However, some other countries do not permit their citizens to hold two nationalities.

Those present discussed the circumstances in relation to residency status post Brexit of the numerous UK nationals married or partnered with Irish nationals and residing in Spain.

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How to get an Irish passport: Am I eligible, how do I apply and how long is the wait?

We use cookies to improve your experience of our website. You can find out more or opt-out from some cookies. If you have the right to live in the UK permanently, you can apply for your partner to come and live with you. They have to be either:.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: How to get an Irish passport

This website uses cookies. Find out more in our Privacy and Cookie Policy. Hide this message. My parents were both born in Great Britain and so was I. Am I entitled to Irish citizenship based on my Irish grandparents?

Husband has Irish Passport - Wife Doesnt.

Moderators: Casa , push , JAJ , ca. Click the "allow" button if you want to receive important news and updates from immigrationboards. Board index Immigration to other countries Ireland. Forum to discuss all things Blarney Ireland immigration. I don't meet the financial requirements to sponsor my wife for a British spouse visa.

Jump to Get in touch - You can apply for this visa if you are married to a British citizen or a person who has settlement status in the UK (i.e. a person who.

I met my partner, an American citizen, here and we are considering moving back to Ireland. We have been living together for four years now. Though we hope to get married sometime in the future, our priority — financially and timewise — for the moment is on planning the move home rather than organising a wedding. What is the status of our relationship, from a legal perspective in Ireland? What are his options for applying for a visa?







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