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Coming to america find a good girl

Voice : Hey, fuck you! Fuck you too! Clarence : You know, Sweets, I met Dr. Martin Luther King once.

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20 Pieces Of Wisdom From Coming To America

Voice : Hey, fuck you! Fuck you too! Clarence : You know, Sweets, I met Dr. Martin Luther King once. Sweets : You lyin'. You ain't never met Dr. Martin Luther King. Clarence : Yeah, I met Dr. Martin Luther King in in Memphis, Tennessee. I walkin' down the street minding my own business, just walking on. Feelin' good. I walk around the corner, a man walk up, hit me in my chest, right.

I fall on the ground, right. And I look up and it's Dr. I said 'Dr. Sweets : Oh man, you lyin'. You ain't never met Martin Luther the King. Clarence : Knocked the wind out of me, yes he did. Sweets : No, he didn't. Clarence : Yes, he did. Sweets : No, he did not! Lisa McDowell : So why did you come here? Prince Akeem : To find something special. Lisa McDowell : It's a long way to travel. Prince Akeem : No journey is too great when one finds what he seeks.

Prince Akeem : Sir, did you happen to catch the professional football contest on television last night? Cleo McDowell : No, I didn't.

And in the end, the Giants triumphed by kicking an oblong ball made of pigskin through a big "H". It was a most ripping victory. Cleo McDowell : Son, I'm only going to tell you this one time. Prince Akeem : Yes? Cleo McDowell : If you want to keep working here, stay off the drugs. Prince Akeem : Yes. Wait a minute. Wait, stop right there. Stop right there a minute. A man goes into a restaurant. You listenin'? He sits down, he's havin' a bowl of soup. He says to the waiter; "Waiter, come taste the soup.

Is the soup too hot? Where's the spoon? Saul : "Ah-ha! Saul : What do you know from funny, ya bastard? King Jaffe Joffer : We've gone to a great deal of trouble to select for you a very fine wife.

Since the day she was born, she was taught to walk and speak and think as a queen. Prince Akeem : But, father, what if I do not love her? King Jaffe Joffer : It is normal to feel anxiety about meeting your queen. Queen Aoleon : When I first met your father, I was terrified. King Jaffe Joffer : I must admit, I was frightened too. Queen Aoleon : I was so nervous, I became nauseous. But over the years, I have grown to love your father very much. King Jaffe Joffer : So you see, my son, there is a very fine line between love and nausea.

Clarence : I met Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Sweets : Man, you lyin'. You ain't never met no Martin Luther the King. Prince Akeem : I am Akeem. Lisa McDowell : It's nice to meet you, Akeem. Prince Akeem : I have recently been placed in charge of garbage. Do you have any that requires disposal? Lisa McDowell : No. It's totally empty. Prince Akeem : When it fills up, call me.

I will take it out most urgently. Lisa McDowell : That's good to know. Prince Akeem : When you think of garbage, think of Akeem. Prince Akeem : I am not interested in Patrice. Lisa McDowell : What about Darryl? Hold-Up Man : Who the fuck is this asshole?

Prince Akeem : Please refrain from using any further obscenities in the presence of these people. Hold-Up Man : What? Prince Akeem : I'm warning you. I will be forced to thrash you. Clarence : You must be outta your God-damned mind!

Joe Louis the greatest boxer who ever lived. I'll be with you boys in a minute. He was badder than Cassius Clay, he was better than Sugar Ray, he was badder than - who's that new boy? Mike Tyson! Look like a bull dog! He was badder than him too! He'd whip Mike Tyson's ass, he'd whip all their asses! Saul : What about Rocky Marciano? Clarence : Oh, there they go! There they go! Every time I start talking about boxing, a white man gotta pull Rocky Marciano outta their ass!

That's they one! Rocky Marciano! Lemme tell you something once and for all! Saul : He beat Joe Louis's ass! Morris : That's right, he did whip Joe Louis's ass! Clarence : Joe Louis was seventy-five years old when he fought!

Morris : I don't know how old he was, but he got his ass whooped. Clarence : Joe Louis had come out of retirement to fight Rocky Marciano! The man was seventy-six years old! Joe Louis always lied about his age! He lied about his age all the time! One time, Frank Sinatra came in here, and sat in this chair. I say, "Frank, you hang out with Joe Louis.

“Coming to America” quotes

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Compiling this list has made us realise what an incredible character Semmi is. We went through the film twice, with a fine-toothed comb and not a single thing that he says could pass as good piece of advice.

Coming to America is a American romantic comedy film directed by John Landis and based on a story originally created by Eddie Murphy , who also starred in the lead role. The film was released in the United States on June 29, Eddie Murphy plays Akeem Joffer, the crown prince of the fictional African nation of Zamunda, who travels to the United States in the hopes of finding a woman he can marry. In , a pilot for a planned spin-off television series was made, although this was never picked up for a series. In the wealthy African nation of Zamunda, crown prince Akeem Joffer grows weary of his pampered lifestyle on his 21st birthday and wishes to do more for himself.

Eddie Murphy: Prince Akeem, Clarence, Saul, Randy Watson

Other stories including Killings , a swift and wholly successful tale of revenge; Townies , about a young man whose affair with an undergraduate girl ends in deadly fury; At Saint Croix, the story of a man and woman, both divorced, whose Caribbean spring vacation fails to exorcise his ghosts; The Pitcher , where a baseball player can manage his arm but not his wife; and The Winter Father , a story of overwhelming tenderness dealing with a divorced father and his weekend attempts to re-establish contact with his two children. Subtle and haunting, Dubus concentrates his Chekhovian attention on the residual anguish and momentary elation of deep attachments. Nothing in current American writing seems more genuine than this writer's fictions. Andre Dubus was a short-story writer, essayist, and educator. Debus was a former Marine who taught college for 20 years while submitting his stories to small literary magazines. In the summer of , he was hit by a car in Massachusetts, where he had stopped to help an accident victim. He spent the rest of his life confined to a wheelchair.

Coming to America

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Prince Akeem: Is it just me, or does every woman in Queens have some kind of an emotional problem? Brown: He helped Joshua fight the battle of Jericho, he helped Daniel get out the lion's den, he helped Gilligan get off the island.



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Coming to America casts comedian Eddie Murphy as pampered African who rebels against an arranged marriage and heads to America to find a new who decides to come to America to find an independent woman to marry, who Starring Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall, and James Earl Jones, the casting's pretty good.








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