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A midwife who wrote a Facebook post lifting the lid on incest and abuse in south Auckland has been made to take it down. Some teenage mothers-to-be had chronic health problems and infections, and learning deficits due to abuse, neglect and a lack of an education, she wrote. Others had to share homes and beds with extended family members and lived in homes strewn with rubbish and drug paraphernalia. Hart-Murray worked in Counties Manukau for five years but is now retired for medical reasons. The year-old said she wanted to open New Zealanders' eyes to the reality of life for some people.

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Hey guys. Just wanted some input please. My friend is 6 weeks pregnant and currently looking for a midwife. I'm just trying to help her out a bit. Also I'm not familiar at all with middlemore. Once you've delivered do you have to transfer somewhere else.

Thamks I'd appreciate any info you have. Thanks a lot everyone. I sent her the link to this thread. Makes me wanna be pregnant again! New Posts. Members Profile. Post Reply. I do know that if you birth Middlemore and it's straight forward, you will be transfered straight out to Papakura Maternity Hospital opposite Massey Park. I don't have much to say about that place either.

But that's just my experience. I can give you the name of the midwife I had for post natal care, she delivered my aunties 3 babies and also my cousins latest addition to the family. Her name is Fiona Clement I birthed at Middlemore after complications and I couldnt fault them it was really good there, I transferred out closer to home to Papakura afterwards for my families convenience more than anything they wanted me to stay.

Pukekohe maternity has a really good reputation, I was originally booked in there but they didnt have space on the day i had some complications birthing because of my heart condition and they were really good, kept me informed of everything they were doing the whole way, seriously i am a fussy tart and i could not fault them and couldnt recommend Danielle highly enough.

It depends, I was 19 at the time and they automatically told me that due to my age and it being my first pregnancy I'd have no choice BUT to birth at Middlemore. I used Irene Vivian who is based in Wattle Downs. She was fantastic antenatally well for the short time I saw her. Can't comment about the labour and postnatal care as she wasn't really involved that much but my sister who also used her said she is wonderful.

Middlemore has opened a new birthing suite which is meant to be nice. I had a few grumbles about Middlemore but my "story" is way different to most and on the whole, I found them excellent. I transfered to Papakura for a week once Ashleigh was discharged and although run down, it was nice there. Again my experience was alot different as I had already looked after my baby for 3 months before we went there so I knew what I was doing by that stage lol!

I had Briahna at Middlemore and it was fine and this was before they opened the new thing. Dont know what everyones problem with it actually. I had to stay overnight because she had low blood sugars but i was transferred to Botany the next day. I reccommend botany it was nice! Mum to Briahna Robyn, 3yrs. Apart from the fact that they are real. The Nurses were totally run off their feet.

But they were nice and helpful enough. The Docs were really good. And the Nurse I has while in Labour was amazing. We ended up sending the team flowers and chocolates to say thank you. I wa high risk so didnt have a regular MW. Cant help. Only if you have a normal birth. I heard Botany is awesome. Bizzy wrote: as well as the birthing units tho you can choose to birth at auckland hospital See I did this, and I got to stay at Birthcare Parnell afterwards.

The midwives there were amazing, as was the food and care in general. We had lots of problems with breastfeeding and getting bub to latch but they were there on the hour every hour helping me. If you birth at Auck and it's straight forward you get 3 standard days at Birthcare post birth.

MelanieAndBree wrote: I had Briahna at Middlemore and it was fine and this was before they opened the new thing. I dont have a problem with it , apart from the fact my friend went in there with an infection in her blood stream and because the nurses werent charting properly ended up overdosing her on medication and her liver went into failure and had to be rushed to Auckland.

But honestly each to their own. I haven't personally had a bad experience in the birthing unit there. Papakura Maternity Hosp is a bit depressing though, I will admit that. I had a scare at 37 weeks and was stuck with a group of midwives that didn't seem to know what the hell they were doing or what was going on with my baby. After that I quickly changed so I could birth at Auck. Wasn't prepared to risk the life of my baby with midwives I didn't feel comfortable with. They were part of SAMC. You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot create polls in this forum You cannot vote in polls in this forum.

This page was generated in 0. Joyce Cowan in Howick is a good midwife. Single Mum to a darling wee boy of 3 years :. Second or more? Forum Permissions You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot create polls in this forum You cannot vote in polls in this forum.

How to Choose a Midwife

Talk to us about our care and your options. Looking for a Midwife? Why choose us? Find out more about our Midwives. We follow the same Philosophy and values and work in very similar ways.

Are you a home birth midwife in New Zealand not listed here? All the midwives listed on our site have specifically registered with us as home birth midwives.

A twenty-year career, birthing babies will be acknowledged tomorrow with a special award from the National Council of Women. She has been a community-based Lead Maternity Carer LMC for two decades, has four children of her own aged 23, 19, 16, 10 , and a mokopuna who has just turned one. Over the years practicing in South Auckland, Manya has noticed significant changes to her midwifery caseload. Women from Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Vietnam, India and the African nations are all a part of the diverse community of women for whom she cares.

Maternity care

Are you looking for a place to have your baby, trying to find a midwife, wanting to book an antenatal class, or a relaxed environment for your postnatal stay? Birthcare provides excellent 24 hour care and support for new mums, dads and their babies. We aim to make your birth experience the best that it can be. We offer flexible choices so you decide what suits you best. If you birth at Birthcare you'll be given a private room wherever possible. If you choose to have your baby at another hospital, you can still transfer to Birthcare for your postnatal stay. Our birthing services are free to New Zealand residents and women eligible for free maternity care in New Zealand. Rooms are twin share so you may be sharing with another mother.

Your Midwife

They aim to empower women and offer traditional cultural practices to assist them on one of the most significant experiences of their life. This week Wai has Hazel in her care, who is having her tenth baby, but things don't go to plan. G Manya Lynch has been a midwife for over 20 years but she's about to face her biggest challenge yet - her daughter, Maia giving birth to her first grandchild. G Nicole Pihema is a midwife up North, passionate about caring for her people.

Your lead maternity carer is a midwife or specialist doctor who provides maternity care for you.

Hey guys. Just wanted some input please. My friend is 6 weeks pregnant and currently looking for a midwife. I'm just trying to help her out a bit.

South Auckland Midwife Honoured With Award

Our social worker works alongside pregnant women to connect them to services which can assist and empower them. Our midwife will inform you of your choices for maternity care which are to be with one of our community midwives who provide will look after you during your pregnancy and for up to 6 weeks after your baby is born. When you are in labour, the midwives at the birthing unit or hospital will look after you and support you to birth your baby. You do not need to see your family doctor for pregnancy care and will be charged as normal for any visits that are non-pregnancy related.

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Antenatal care is provided at the clinic in Hunters Corner. Postnatal care is provided at the home of the woman and baby. The midwives do not do home visits during the antenatal period. Births are usually at Middlemore Hospital. Your midwife will come to visit you.

Mangere Lead Maternity Carers and Midwives

The Midwifery Council does not employ or recommend midwives, we do hold the Register of Midwives. Simply type in the name of your midwife, and the Register will show if they have a current practising certificate and other information such as their qualifications and any conditions on their practice. In New Zealand, registration is for life, so midwives remain in the Register even when they are not practising. This is a good option. Most new mothers are happy to pass on the contact details for their midwife if she was happy with the maternity care she received.

Apr 10, - Visit Find Your Midwife or talk to your doctor or nurse about finding a midwife in your area. Your midwife or specialist doctor will support you from.

Many women choose to have an independent self-employed midwife as their lead maternity carer LMC. It's a good idea to start looking for a midwife as soon as you confirm you are pregnant. They will then organise your maternity care, deliver your baby and visit you for the first 6 weeks after the birth.

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South Auckland midwife made to take down post detailing neglect, incest among patients




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