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While traveling solo has its benefits, it's nice to have someone with whom to explore a new place. Penroads is a free service that connects travelers before they hit the road. Once you sign up, you'll create a profile, including details about your trip for other travelers to browse. The platform allows you to search by destination, helping you to quickly narrow down pertinent matches. Just launched in March, HereToMeet.


How to Find a Travel Partner to Make Memories With

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Aged 19, I was looking for an adventure. I had essentially been halfway around the world and back but as a tourist and not a backpacker. I would say that, for me, this was definitely the case. With all my friends being broke — on account of spending all their cash on dressing up and beer at university — it was hard to find anyone to go with at all. Everybody thought it was a great idea, jumping at the chance to travel the world but when it came down to booking the flights; people bailed.

Frustrated and determined to hit the road but not by myself! Essentially, Travel buddy forums are well meaning yet disorganised little websites that are usually badly maintained.

These sites can be frustrating but are definitely one of the best places to find likeminded travellers. So, how does it work exactly?

You upload a swanky picture of yourself, fill in your bio, list where you want to go, cross your fingers and possibly your toes and hope for the best. I used Trav Buddies and Travel Buddy. The latter has a mobile app which is handy but I actually met Nicole my eventual backpacking companion on the former. You then search for people within an age group similar to yourself who have specified the same countries as you and send them a message. Never just send one message to the first person you meet.

We chatted for a week or so before agreeing on a destination — it was a toss up between a US road trip or interrailing Europe. We skyped a few times and her parents popped up on screen to ensure I was not a man convincing their daughter to run away with him.

They obviously were happy with the fact that I really was a vaguely presentable yet slightly clueless English lass and that their daughter could probably beat me up if necessary.

With flights booked and a vague plan in place, we were ready to begin! Nicole landed in London just three weeks later and we hopped on a cheap bus to get out of the UK.

Two years on I know that I have a friend for life, someone who will never let me down. If your planning on finding a travel buddy online, you need to stay safe. After talking for a couple days get a name and then check them out on Facebook. You can then do a healthy bit of stalking and check that they are indeed a real person. Always meet in a mutual location in daylight like a coffee shop, a train station, an airport etc.

If they turn out to be weird you can always have them come and pick you up. If they live near you, try and meet up a couple times before you travel. Takes the fun slightly out of it but then they at least know which country to head to if you send out an SOS smoke signal.

You can always come home or find someone else. Spam messages — you are going to get a lot of these from random companies trying to get your details so they can send you spam. First contact — Try to use Skype rather than Facetime or Google hangouts. Finally, trust your gut. It may take a few weeks or months but you will find those eggs to your bacon! Three years on, aged twenty one, I am very different to the person I used to be.

The only person stopping you from achieving your dreams is yourself. I have skydived, surfed, trekked, swum with massive god-damn crocodiles, kissed a komodo dragon, been shot at, shot someone, tackled tumbling falls and raging rivers, camel raced and sipped cocktails in over a dozen countries.

When it comes to stepping out of your comfort zone; I know my stuff. Trust me, trust yourself, hit the road, it will change your life. Ralph is a former manager in the hospitality industry turned wild child.

With a desire to experience all things unconventional, Ralph enjoys visiting the lesser-known landscapes of the world and has ended up in some pretty strange and wonderful places. Recently, he spent eight months travelling around Africa, the Middle East, and Europe, spending as much time as possible in the wilderness and doing everything to avoid the crowds.

You can follow his adventures at Roaming Ralph or get in touch via his social media pages on Facebook and Instagram. Hi Kalpana, I know you are looking for a female traveler. Giving up my department housing to do this, I feel spiritually sick being here. Leaving for good to a safer better place. When you are ready for a travel companion one will appear. Finding a companion on an app and beginning your relationship by assuming they are an axe murderer dilutes the special bond of travel companions.

Just my 2 cents. Thanks for sharing your experience Millie. This was incredibly thorough and all good points about finding the right travel companion. My experience with online travel forums has been the same. To help connect travelers with similar plans share trips together. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. How to stay safe online After talking for a couple days get a name and then check them out on Facebook.

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12 Sites That Will Help You Find A Travel Buddy

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Sign up, create your profile and upload your photos. In just a few minutes, join one of the largest online travel dating communities. Login Menu.

Where do you find them? Your relationship with this person is defined simply as having someone to travel with. They may be a complete stranger! To get you started, check out this video of helpful tips:.

Complete Guide on How to Find a Perfect Travel Buddy

Thinking of solo travel but not sure where to start? This page is for women travelers who are looking for female travel companions. It happens. You're an inveterate solo traveler but sometimes you get fed up with your own company. You don't necessarily want to 'hook up' or travel with a group. All very valid. But if you're used to traveling solo, you might struggle to find people to travel with. So where do you find that elusive female travel buddy?

What is the best place to find travelling partner? - Solo Travel Forum

You will be surprised at the number of women that are out there traveling on their own!! You will find travel companions on www. While u travel, i met great people while doing day excursions, all ages and status. No buddy for a whole trip yet but consider different sex as long as u have everything clear between u. The idea of travelling with a stranger met on the internet seems at best daft and worst dangerous.

Not all solo travellers travel alone by choice.

Aged 19, I was looking for an adventure. I had essentially been halfway around the world and back but as a tourist and not a backpacker. I would say that, for me, this was definitely the case.

Over 50 and tired of travelling solo? Find holiday companions

Hopefully, you found some cool solo travel groups in our blog post, 10 Different Types of Solo Travel Groups. But there are also times when you might want to travel with just one other person, on your own trip. Here are 11 sites that will help you find a travel buddy:.

With the Tourlina app women can find interesting and entertaining female travel companions within a secure and trusted network. Our team checks each and every new user. Only verified users can chat with others. Our market research shows that women like to travel and prefer a female travel partner as having a male companion often leads to dating. The Tourlina app is not dating, and you will never travel alone.

Find a Travel Partner: Safe Options and Some to Avoid

Nowadays, you can find loads of groups online that help you connect with like-minded people who are traveling or living in the city you are going to visit. Make sure to stay in hostels popular with solo travelers. This is how some of my best relationships have started in the last year! Make sure the people who are going to travel with you have the same habits , not just in terms of sleeping, but also ask them if they like exploring, hiking, cooking etc.. Is your buddy sponsored by mummy and daddy while you are on a shoestring or vice versa? You might want to find someone else. While at the beginning everything could be fine, you might end up having huge fights for budgeting expenses and chipping in in the common budget. Are you or your buddy going to stress about or are you both going to laugh?

Tired of the same boring trips? If your current friends are not enough then this social trip companion finder will help you find your perfect travel buddy! Travel  Rating: - ‎2, votes - ‎Free - ‎Android - ‎Travel.

Only verified users can chat with others. Tourlina connects women based on their future travel plans. Women find more meaningful and long lasting connections with other women and make lifelong friendships as Tourlina connections are based on shared interest in travel and socialising. This means that Tourlina is able to provide you with a much safer international female travel buddy experience.

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If you wish you can add other members to your chat for a lively discussion amongst the safe environment of the Silversurfers community. Sometimes, a holiday can be a wonderful chance to escape alone with your own thoughts, dreams and desires. Get ready to start your next holiday adventure with a new friend in tow. Delve into a few great websites that are dedicated to helping you get in touch with the perfect travelling companion and look forward to your next trip.

Guest Post: How to Find a Female Travel Buddy

By registering, you agree to our Terms and Privacy Policy. Create a trip and wait for someone to join up or find an existing one that you like the most. Let travelers know about your plans by inviting them to your trip. You can always wait for someone to join up.

Though we've been asked many times, we have always stayed away from helping people find travel partners.

Do you need help using TripTogether? Write to support triptogether. For business enquiries, please get in touch with us at advertising triptogether. The benefits of TripTogether Premium Membership. Your subscription will renew automatically every month, with the option to cancel.

6 sites to help you find a travel buddy for your next trip



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