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Keiner, the leather-jacket bully was an important character in the show. So it was fairly obvious to notice when in one episode of season 2, the usual actor Danny McNulty disappeared, replaced with a new Harley! Bin the next season, the original Harley was back — so what happened? According to McNulty, he had a bipolar breakdown while shooting the previous episode, so the scriptwriters sent his character to reformatory school. Once McNulty had recovered, Harley returned for one last appearance, explaining that his character had broken out. Cory going into High School was a big step within the series — his surroundings are all new, the school is a lot bigger… Or is it?

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15 Boy Meets World Facts Producers Didn’t Want You To Know

His oldest lackey is Frankie and his newest one is Joey. He tried to recruit Shawn , but was thwarted by Cory. In Back 2 School , Cory tried to make friends with him as a way to gain instant popularity but Harley instead chose to target Cory. The episode Sister Theresa reveals Harley's family life and a more sympathetic side to the bully. He has a sister, Theresa Keiner , whom he truly cares for.

Apparently when Theresa was eight, their father ditched Theresa at a Phillies game to run off with another woman. Harley went out of his way to get to the Phillies game and escort her home. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Family The episode Sister Theresa reveals Harley's family life and a more sympathetic side to the bully.

Owned a Chevy Impala. However, after the episode Girl Meets Flaws from the first season of Girl Meets World aired, McNulty revealed that he was bipolar and had a breakdown during the middle of an episode, and therefore his character was replaced by Johnston for one episode before the show explained that Keiner had gone to reformatory school. After McNulty was better, he came back for one last appearance in BMW as Harley, with his character having escaped from reform school.

He is now one of Cory's dearest friends as he has become a much nicer, kindhearted person who helps the children at the school. He is often shown to feel regret and remorse for his old ways. He is also a mentor figure to Riley's boyfriend Lucas He appears in the last episode of Girl Meets World, but in a non-speaking cameo. Categories :. First appearance.

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Girl Meets World

I cannot agree more with this. And though I'm not happy with not -seeing- Cory 'be that good kid' for Harley; it's been stated numerously on GMW that he was that; usually as an example to Maya. Which is really why I see Maya as less of a generation Xerox as Shawn, and more one as Harley, except one who -had- found her good kid when still young. This is Cryptid. While I am slightly disappointed to see Frankie not make the cut my own biases are largely at hand here--there's something to be said for actually seeing a bully become a friend , I love Harley Keiner and fully agree that he belongs on this list.

It began as a comedic juvenile antagonistic relationship in Boy Meets World but has evolved into a mature respectful friendship in the updated series. After witnessing Farkle and Lucas construct a working mashed potato and gravy volcano which Maya causes to erupt and callously leave the mess behind as lunch period ends, Cory assigns them to Janitorial Services under the supervision of his friend, Harley Keiner. By the next week Cory's students tell their classmates how expertly and tirelessly Janitor Harley serves the school, stating.

Harley was a recurring character in season 2 of Boy Meets World. Harley was much older than all the other high schoolers in the school when he went to school with Cory, because of being held back many times. He now works as the head janitor at the John Quincy Adams Middle School , a job which was given to him with help from Cory. Now a mature adult, Harley is much friendlier than his former teenage self, and as shown in " Girl Meets Flaws ", which was his second appearance on Girl Meets World , he has come to respect Cory. Harley comes across as a bad boy with a good soul, taking his job seriously.

Cory and Harley

Girl Meets World. Cleaning Services. This truth about Aragorn. John Barrowman. Concerning Hobbits. Into The West. Legolas And Aragorn.

Danny McNulty

I did a double-take at the dimples. It was kind-of an exciting addition. My eye was focused more on Ms. Thompson, the cafeteria lady, than the janitor.

His oldest lackey is Frankie and his newest one is Joey.

Yet another alumni from the BMW universe will be making an appearance in the highly anticipated new series Girl Meets World. Well he's ba-ack! News confirms.

Harley Keiner

Armed with a black jacket and a whole lot of attitude, Harley ruled the mean streets of John Adams High. He was also the guy who gave Cory his, uh, nickname. McNulty's shared numerous photos on Instagram, encouraging kids not to bully.

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Danny McNulty


Danny McNulty is an actor and writer, known for Boy Meets World (), Live4 2Day Girl Meets World Janitor Harvey 'Harley' Keiner / Harley Keiner / Harvey.


Harley Keiner meets “Girl Meets World”







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