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Good looking guy cant get matches on tinder

There are many possible explanations for the disappointing decline in matches many Tinder users — primarily men — have been experiencing. The following are the most likely theories, in my opinion. In all of the above cases it makes sense from a business perspective to limit organic matches just enough for people to get frustrated and decide to spend some money to help things along. I recently wrote an in-depth report on the ways Tinder has been screwing over its users and customers , but the worst impact of their business decisions is this:.

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No matches on Tinder? This “trick” will help you change that

There are many possible explanations for the disappointing decline in matches many Tinder users — primarily men — have been experiencing. The following are the most likely theories, in my opinion. In all of the above cases it makes sense from a business perspective to limit organic matches just enough for people to get frustrated and decide to spend some money to help things along.

I recently wrote an in-depth report on the ways Tinder has been screwing over its users and customers , but the worst impact of their business decisions is this:.

For many Plus and Gold users , the one free boost a month is the only time the app feels worth using anymore. This has led to a situation where even very attractive men are getting around x fewer matches than equally attractive women without paying extra for boosts. Most normal guys meanwhile are struggling to get any matches at all without paying up, even if they are already paying for a Gold subscription.

Super Boosts , as ridiculous as they may sound, have exacerbated the Problem even further, as it seems there are actually people who pay for them. All things being equal, you do not get more matches, or a higher chance to match with anyone by subscribing to Tinder Gold. You may value the Plus features, but if your problem is getting any matches at all, your only salvation is buying boosts at this point, and you can do that without a subscription.

Since then, things seem to have only gone downhill. This is not only bad because of the odds at face value, but because it contributes to the vicious cycle of Tinder that keeps making the app more and more frustrating for guys.

You may still be using the same profile as when you were more successful on Tinder, but while this serves to show that there are other factors at play, it may very well be part of the problem. It may just be time to up your game.

Tinder has a secret rule book , and inadvertently breaking those rules for example by swiping right on everyone means the Tinder algorithm lowers your desirability score , which in turn means your profile gets shown to fewer people. Is it fair to set rules to a game and not tell the players? Maybe not, but now that you know you have an advantage. They are also both owned by the Match Group, so they will face the same business decision issues as Tinder.

Or, you could give Bumble and other dating apps a try, as well as trying to meet people in the real world. One of them might just be a better match. What do you think? What has been your experience with Tinder as of late? Feel free to leave a comment below, or visit the SwipeHelper Subreddit. Selecting profile pictures for Tinder or Bumble, Hinge, etc. If the former sounds like a familiar problem, consider this guide on […].

The purpose of this review is to help you decide which kind of dating service is the right fit for you: Classic sites like match. After unsubscribing to gold I had virtually no likes and horrible choices that not even my dog would swipe right. I decided to not use tinder anymore. I wished there was a dating app where there are lots of people that were more quality and free or reasonable.

Jasmine, just take a look at preview posts and comments. In the end of without paying for anything when I created my account I instantly got around 50 matches the first week. I got off tinder and just started it again this week.

I think Tinder is completely dead and hopefully there will be a good new dating app coming soon. Gonna try hinge and bumble. How often should we open the app and start swipping? I am using the app too often i think. And how long should i stay in each city? Whenever you feel like it, the more often the better. Too many switches and Tinder starts treating you like a bot. I thought opening the app too much was also a problem. Something that i figured out. If i go to rare places like a city in countryside russia i will get for sure matches, will that increase my score?

Alright, i get your point. And i know that when someone swipe left they are rejecting the photos, not the person itself. Thanks for the answer. Back to my home then, got new likes and matches!

I am a tall good looking successful guy that slayed like crazy on tinder and now all I get is the occasional match. I have professional pics and a well curated profile.

Tinder is gonna lose a lotta revenue trying to squeeze every dollar out of their users. I agree. You come out of the gates with that Dopamine rushing through your brain, likes and matches galore. Similar shit happens with instagram. And selling crack, btw. So how do we win? Well, maybe we 1. Or depending on the intelligence of said app, new apple ID.

Learn how to up our in person game and go out to more to socialize and meet women. Say fuck it, and start a fight club. At the end of the day, how valuable is your own sanity to you? I know how to care of a women and share good time. I can testify. I tried to swipe just of few or a little more. When I begin ot was many match, never run out of good people to talk with. Now nothing. Add IG tag. Tinder lost my trust for life and I was good quality paying user. I have a friend that uses Facebook to find dates all the time.

Are they single? Then friend, then introduce yourself and move the conversation along just like a dating app. Be persistent. They are into savage lonely poipole big time, always have been, always will be.

The rest are more or less invisible. Yeah, like often mentioned. So what i do is delete the app and then wait a week or 2. Then make a new one with a new email or phone number.

Do not reuse facebook one. Works for me. Goodluck guys and gals. The first few days on tinder I got about 40 girls like me. Now with that same profile, same pictures i can swipe for hours and not get a single result. I recreate a new profile with exactly the same pictures and bio and the matches come flooding back in for a couple days. I started looking on Tinder about three weeks ago. I built a decent profile of some good pics with a range to show me normal through to fun.

I wrote some words in my written blurb and started looking. She was a ridiculously hot busty brunette called Beth who immediately unmatched me as soon as I sent her a fun message. Have I exhausted the whole deck age range , maximum radius 15 miles.

Do you live in a high density area? I live in South East London, which you would assume would have a high density. Maybe Tinder is a thing of the past? Maybe dispersed among dozens of apps? Because nothing seems anywhere near as popular as Tinder used to be. Some of the hot girls on Tinder are saying you can find me on Uberflings. Just gone onto Photofeeler and my attractive score of what I consider my best pic is 4.

I guess that is my problem! No one is going to tell you this but yes, you are too old for Tinder. Tinder, and many dating apps, are a young mans game. I just lie about my age cuz I look young and I can manage but Tinder had gone so far downhill by that I abandoned it. I slayed on Tinder in , and in it got harder. Have you noticed that a lot of the prettiest women on tinder are just there for social media followers?

Getting Fewer and Fewer Tinder Matches? You’re not Alone.

I think what guys really miss out is, its not about the looks for most girls, its about what you do, what are your thoughts and how confident you are and all this can only be seen in what you write about yourself in that bio. Have an amazingly written bio. Ask your friends to help you with it, write about what you are, what you want to be and what you do. Mention your hobbies and what kind of a person you are.

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And since the app is all about making a good first impression on someone who's listlessly swiping through profiles while taking a shit or lying in bed with a hangover, it's safe to say a lot can go wrong with those first impressions. With that in mind, we asked girls from all over Europe what they use Tinder for, and what will get them to swipe right or left. VICE: What's your biggest turn-off? Paz: A photo of them posing with something stupid like a bottle of champagne. Something that makes them look like a douchebag.

10 Ways to Get More Matches on Tinder

With over 10 million daily active users, Tinder is one of the most popular and successful dating apps. Undeniably, Tinder is driven by appearances - as superficial, it may sound. It is worth noting that Tinder is different for men and women. They created two profiles using photos of attractive male and female models. Further, their information was identical regarding age, location and number of pictures. Additionally, the female profile received almost messages in a short period while the male profile only received 28 messages in his inbox. While the tinder game is different for men and women, the fundamentals of a good tinder profile are the same. Here they are:. A few words are fine - Words that display who you really are.

How to Get More High Quality Tinder Matches

Attractive people are shown first. This way, it looks like there are a ton of hot people using Tinder. Tinder wants to make matches, so the next users shown are already keen about you. This also stops you from swiping right for people just because you think they liked you. Every user has an internal attractiveness score.

Normally, men need only to make basic changes and improve their approach to score with attractive women.

The best way to make sure the girls know what you look like is by having a clear headshot photo with your shoulders in. Headshots say, here I am, this is what I look like and I am definitely the choice for a primary photo. If offered two bottles of wine, a tacky, cheap label or a beautiful, elegant label then we will always pick the better quality packaging.

No Matches on Tinder? 20 Quick Fixes to Get More Matches

By the way, did you know I created The Profile Checklist. You just fill in the blanks, and you discover where your profile is lacking the necessary attraction switches. Knowing your flaws will get you on the path to multiplying your matches. Download it here for free.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Tinder "HACKS" - 5 Steps to Double Your Matches

Enter Stefan-Pierre Tomlin : Tinder's most 'swiped-right' man who unsurprisingly knows a thing or two about what makes a truly irresistible profile. In , the year-old model and presenter from London was named Tinder's most fancied men by the dating app. Although he originally thought it was all a "big practical joke", the singleton catapulted to fame overnight and has made a career out of his dating app tips and tricks - including a new single called Swipe Right. The model - who boasts over , followers on Instagram and is now dating X Factor hopeful Natasha Boon - claims his Tinder success was a result of being very active on the app. But with his tall 6ft 2in stature and savvy fashion sense, we can't help but wonder if it was more to do with his good looks - he IS a professional model after all. Speaking exclusively to Fabulous Digital, Stefan-Pierre has revealed how YOU too can make Tinder's Most Wanted list and bag yourself a load of hot dates - and there's a lot more to it than just posing for a sexy selfie.

No Matches on Tinder – 33 Tips to Get 5+ Matches Per Day

That will get you 6x more matches than only using a single picture. Lots of guys skip the bio section on Tinder, preferring to let their photos do all the talking. Think about it as a chance to connect with her, in characters or less. Pilot, entrepreneur, firefighter, doctor and TV personality all cracked the top 5. Inject some humor into your bio — surveys have shown a sense of humor is a highly sought after trait in a man.

Mar 27, - The #1 biggest reason men get no matches on Tinder is their photos. handsome guy may score girls for one night stands, but they won't be.

Listen, we all know how exhausting dating apps can be. It damn near breaks your thumb to sit at home and swipe on a Saturday night. And honestly, the dudes I have been meh about normally are sexy AF in person seriously, try it. Okay, sooo, I dated a bunch of boys in Charleston using the Tinder Premium Passport feature , which allows users to swipe in locations all over the country, and it changed my life.

We Asked Women What They Find Attractive on Tinder

When I quit Tinder a few months ago, I thought it was goodbye forever. Back then I had collected over 40 matches, but only ever met one of those in person. In short, the whole process was incredibly frustrating, so I deleted the app from my phone. If I was going back in, I would do it with a brand new approach.

Understand that — to all these girls on Tinder — you are nothing except these few pictures on a screen. Bad lighting and selfie distortion can easily throw your proportions totally out of whack. So why not make some tweaks that are proven to make girls like your Tinder profile pics more?





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