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How long can a woman get pregnant after abortion

Abortion, also known as termination of pregnancy, is a safe and common medical procedure used to end pregnancy through surgical intervention or by taking medication that causes the contents of the uterus to be expelled. We understand that women at all stages of their reproductive life can find themselves faced with having to make the difficult decision to terminate a pregnancy. Our services provide women with a supportive, compassionate and confidential environment in which to discuss and assess available options. We assist you in deciding the right procedure for you, depending on your preferences and the stage of the pregnancy. Patients with or without Medicare card, who are undergoing a termination of pregnancy procedure at a Marie Stopes clinic, are eligible for a free STI check by assessment, or at your request.

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Abortion AMA: Can I Get Pregnant After Having An Abortion?

If you develop a womb infection after an abortion this can spread to your fallopian tubes and ovaries. This is known as pelvic inflammatory disease PID. PID can make it more difficult to get pregnant and increases the risk of ectopic pregnancy. Most infections are treated before they reach this stage and you should be given antibiotics before an abortion to reduce the risk of infection.

If you want to talk to the midwife about your abortion in private, you should have the opportunity at one of your antenatal appointments. If someone goes with you, such as a partner, family member or friend, you can always ask them to wait outside for a moment. Anything you say to your midwife or doctor is in confidence. Some women feel colder than usual in pregnancy. Some women have a feeling that they are having twins or triplets before they find out for sure.

A midwife will do much more than care for you and your baby during birth. They can give your partner advice and support, too. There are hundreds of pregnancy apps available and they can be fun to use. Getting the flu vaccine is safe and will help protect you and your baby. There is no evidence to show that the flu vaccine can cause miscarriage. Back ache or pain is very common in pregnancy, but there are things you can do to reduce it.

Your second pregnancy will probably be different to the first time you were pregnant. Here's some tips for getting a better night's sleep. Yes it is. In fact, if your pregnancy is uncomplicated, it is safer to exercise than not to as it brings down the risk of gestational diabetes and high blood pressure.

Exercising during your pregnancy is safe and healthy. You can do most types of exercise in pregnancy, including running, Pilates, weights, yoga and swimming.

How much exercise you should do during pregnancy will depend on how active you were before you got pregnant and any health issues you may have. Find out how to exercise safely for you and your baby. As a pregnant employee you have legal rights, and this includes paid time off for antenatal care.

Next review date March 27th, Hi , in 1 month pregnant I have done 3 times abortions with pills if I conceive is there any chances of problem in pregnancy.

I had one abortion 4 years ago,now am married ,and have be meeting my hubby unprotected ,still no pregnancy,hope it will not affect my chance of getting pregnant. Hi iam 35 yrs old.. Iam not ready for the child. I have had five abortion all with pills in three years. I had two abortion over the years which makes it 3 years since then I have been having unprotected sex without using any contraceptive except to urinate immediately after sex but till now I never got pregnant till then Am scared please what can I do am not married yet.

U have to see a doctor and hear what they say and do what ever they say to u. I had my first abortion in and de second in so now im married i conceived in den got miscarriage in 2months den got pregnant again in den again got miscarriage,does dis mean I'll always have de miscage or should i try to conceive again now im scared to try again im afraid I'll get miscarriage again.

I had my first abortion in and second one in , last month I found out that i am pregnant again. I don't feel like i am ready for this one but my fiance is excited. I'm really sick that most days I only eat once a day, im tired, losing weight, have inflammation around my waist and a running stomach and cramps every morning and experience pelvic pains from mild to servere everyday from one side to the other side.

I also experience shortness of breath, sore feet when i wake-up in the morning and that has been happening for the whole month. I would like to find out what is happening, please help me. My wife did two abortions previously and now she is two months pregnant but still experiencing light bleeding,is this safe or not? Hi Junior Thank you for your message. Bleeding in pregnancy should always be reported to a GP, midwife or obstetrician so that they can investigate the possible cause and check that all is well with the pregnancy.

Best wishes. Hey there I was pregnant in and I did the abortion and started taking family planning since then I have never been pregnant, am married now please help me. I was one month pregnant and I aborted in after that I started taking family planning and now am married I can't conceive since I had an abortion last two years before I got married but till now I've not been able to conceive, I don't know what to do. Hi I am 43 yr old and this week had missed abortion can l get pregnancy safe in future?

I am planning on having my third abortion this week,I did the first one as of ,the second as of February and now have got pregnant again,I want to abort it because am yet ready but am afraid of my future because this will make it three times,hope it won't affect me to conceive in future if I abort this third one or what should I do pls reply me. Plss I really need help am 2o years old I had done 1 abortion and have being having unprotected sex with my bf but no sign of pregnance plss help am confused.

I got pregnant but I tried to abort two times with medicines and I lost only little blood but the pregnancy refused its now two months so I would like to let it grow but I fair that the baby may be affected. Im ppregnant again is this going to affect my baby? I got a abortion medical about 2 months ago. Got put on the implant right after. But now starting to feel pregnant again.. Having another abortion so early?

Maybe if i am not pregnant what could be happening?! I also never went back in for a check up after the abortion. I am not in the right in life to take care of a kid when I can barley take care of myself. I got the abortion about 2 months ago and also got put on birth control right after. But now I am starting to maybe feel pregnant again and so lost with what to do.

Please respond I need some advice I am so lost on everything. I have had abortions seven times in years,am married now for two months,I can't get pregnant,what will I do.

I had 3 abortions with surgical machines and now i have 3 miscarriages and the last one i was testing positive but with a sac and no heartbeat ,what could be the problem. I have my first abortion with 4 pill now I m afraid that is my abortion affect my next pregnancy plz reply. Can i give birth in the future successfully without any issues. Well honey iv had 1 surgical then 3 years after I gave birth I had 3 medicals after and I'm 4 weeks pregnant rn Am 22 and am 5 months pregnant,,am not capable of taking care of the kid since am still in school and am in a poor condition I aborted my 18 weeks pregnancy January this year because my fiancee's mother made it clear to me and my family that she doesn't support our relationship when she came to visit, now I am married and I have been trying to conceive for months now and my results are negative.

What are my chances of getting pregnant again? I had Abortion 5weeks ago and now am pregnant,Have not seen my first period after it but am pregnant, is my pregnancy safe ,can I keep it. Hi I have had a medical abortion taking the pill. I have 2 healthy kids now husband wants another baby , if I decide to get pregnant again will I conceive a healthy baby?

I had a surgical abortion 7 weeks in August last year. I had normal period until 3 months ago when it got scanty and last month the blood that came during period was black and very little. I had a scan which shows my uterus is normal in size and normal echo pattern. Endometrium is normal.

Pouch of Douglas and Adnexa is free. I'm yet to see a gynaecologist but I'm scared the irregularity could be because of the abortion which might affect me getting pregnant again. Hai I had abortion six years back at the back rooms with the pill that they say I misy put under my tongue, then after that I used a morning after a lot, now I want to have a child I have been trying for the past four months without any luck, is my past gonna Blick me from having a healthy pregnancy.

Hi, I've had 1 abortion 2 years ago and 2 abortions this year. I'm worried about my future pregnancies. Will I be able to have babies when I am finally ready? I abort my first child by using inserting and taking pill.. But now m married but m not getting pregnant.. Now m afraid that am I not going to get pregnanat again in future. Now in my my first period and how can i conceive again with healthy way.

Hi Thilini, It would be normally recommended that you take a higher dose of folic acid, 5mg at least 2 months prior to conception to reduce the risk of having another baby with spina bifida. You may whish to speak with your GP before trying. Best wishes Tommy's midwife. I had c-section for my first baby after like 9 months I became pregnant but me n my husband opted for abortion considering the risk factors, so I had my first abortion on 4th month of pregnancy, for which I had to take lot of medicines intake in from top n bottom, doctor advised to have at least an year Gap, but after three months I got positive when I did scan it was sack but no heartbeat, doctor advised pill I took which din't work so I took 2nd dose, it's three months now I'm pregnant again.

Physically I'm not ready because initial 2 times when aborted heavy bleeding, also in last 6 months I took pill dose more than 4 times because of first times which din't work. Hi Emie, Please try not to worry, there is not evidence to suggest that it is harder to conceive or there would be a risk to the pregnancy after having an abortion. It is common to worry about the type of parent you will be and how you will feel about your baby, but you won't know until you are pregnant.

It may be that some counselling would be helpful to manage your feelings around having the abortion and a new pregnancy. Hello , I had 1 abortion in now I m married in soo I m trying to conceive frm 3 yr bt I can't.

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Can you get pregnant after having an abortion?

If you develop a womb infection after an abortion this can spread to your fallopian tubes and ovaries. This is known as pelvic inflammatory disease PID. PID can make it more difficult to get pregnant and increases the risk of ectopic pregnancy. Most infections are treated before they reach this stage and you should be given antibiotics before an abortion to reduce the risk of infection. If you want to talk to the midwife about your abortion in private, you should have the opportunity at one of your antenatal appointments.

What happens after an abortion. Abortion Biology. Some women have no after effects, others experience a whirlwind of physical and emotional changes.

Yes, you can get pregnant again following a termination. Any infection can then be treated prior to the operation. Very sadly, this can lead to late miscarriage. The suture is then removed before delivery. Speak to your GP, or search for registered private therapists in your area.

How an abortion affects your chance of getting pregnant again

Welcome to Bustle's Abortion AMA column, where reproductive rights advocate and Romper editor Danielle Campoamor will speak to experts and medical professionals to answer people's questions about abortion in a way that is educational, unvarnished, and judgement free. Ask us anything. And each time, either days, weeks, or months later, a woman will contact me privately and ask a question she doesn't feel comfortable posing publicly, to friends and family members, or, sometimes, even to her health care provider. Among those questions is a very common one: can I get pregnant after having an abortion? Women understandably want to know how the decisions they make for their reproductive health now will impact their futures. One of the most common myths regarding abortion is that it's linked to infertility. But according to the Center for Reproductive Medicine, a Houston fertility clinic, a first-trimester abortion carries minimal risk of the kind of complication that would deter or prevent later pregnancy. Jessica K.

Will a past abortion affect my pregnancy?

By Raina Delisle May 22, She had three pregnancies and three surgical abortions. Surprising news about getting pregnant after miscarriage Mahoney also knew she wanted to have a family one day, and she worried that the procedures could affect her future fertility and ability to carry a child. Fast-forward to age 32 and she was healthy, married and ready to try for a baby.

Read about common questions and myths such as:. We want you to be able to make an informed decision, no matter what option you may choose.

Conception can bring lots of happiness to you and your family. However, involuntary abortion or miscarriage may take away your bundle of joy. However, the good news is that you can always plan for a baby again.

Can having an abortion affect my fertility?

Generally, elective abortion isn't thought to cause fertility issues or complications in future pregnancies. However, some studies suggest a possible link between pregnancy termination and an increased risk of premature birth and low birth weight. If you have had an abortion and you are concerned about its possible impact on a future pregnancy, talk to your health care provider. He or she can help you understand the potential risks and the steps you can take to help ensure a healthy pregnancy.

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Is your chances of conceiving affected by a past abortion. Of course, just like with any operation, there is a small chance that complications can arise that may affect your fertility or pregnancy. There is a possible link between abortion and certain pregnancy and birth related risks and while these are uncommon, they are good to know about. In case of a tight cervix, more force has to be used to dilate it, which can traumatise the tissue. This can lead to an incompetent or weak cervix that can result in miscarriage or preterm birth. Read next: How soon after coming off the pill can you get pregnant.

Can a past abortion hurt your chances of getting pregnant?


It's unlikely that having an abortion in the UK will affect your fertility. But if you become pregnant in the future, you may have a slightly increased risk of losing the pregnancy (miscarriage) or Back to Women's health Get medical advice as soon as possible if you experience any signs of infection after an abortion, such as.


When is it safe to have sex after an abortion?


What Should I Expect After the Abortion?




Conception After an Abortion – Is It Possible?



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