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Top definition. Badass unknown. A rear end that generates noxious emissions. A backside that produces evil-smelling farts. Jon farts like a trooper.

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How to Be a Badass in 21 Steps

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Top definition. Badass unknown. A rear end that generates noxious emissions. A backside that produces evil-smelling farts. Jon farts like a trooper. He's a real badass. Ultra-cool motherfucker. A badass isn't someone wears ripped leather jackets, a badass isn't someone who breaks stuff to look tough, and a badass isn't someone who fights for the fun of fighting. That's the definition of a poser.

Being a badass is completely different. Unspoken Rules of Being Badass: 1. First rule of being a badass. A badass does not talk about being a badass.

Second rule of being a badass, a badass does not try to be a badass or look tough. A badass simply is a badass. A badass stays true to themselves, always. This means being themselves for themselves, and not being fake to impress others. A badass does not give up.

Badasses will always push themselves for the better, no matter how hard it gets. A badass is not a jerk. A badass does not prey on the weak, and shows kindness in return to those who are kind. Don't be stupid, you're not Superman, you'll die if you jump off a building. A badass does not make enemies or go looking for fights. They do not fights that aren't worth fighting either. Any breaking of these rules is grounds revoking of the status of being a badass.

If this happens, a badass must once again prove they are worthy of being badass by following the rules. A badass can only be determined by the opinions of others. Prove it. He's such a badass! The badass is an uncommon man of supreme style. He does what he wants, when he wants, where he wants. You won't find him on facebook, myspace, msn et cetera because he is probably out being cool somewhere. He might be on a motorcycle, but it's probably not a Harley or a crotch rocket because he won't spend that much money to be accepted.

Traditionally, he will smoke, but it's not necessary at all. He feels no obligation whatsoever to justify his beliefs, values, convictions, morals et cetera with anyone. He likes his music because it sounds cool to him. You won't find him if you look for him because there is no sure way to identify him.

Alternatively, a badass is the complete opposite of a douchebag. Likely to be found in a popular pub taking your money on the pool table then buying you a beer with it, you won't identify him by his clothing because there is no badass uniform.

He's always up for a challenge, he'll probably succeed and he seems to be good at everything. But at the same time, the badass attitude is like: "ok well I don't give a shit". Genuinely intriguing and intrigued by others, he radiates confidence in everything he does and fears nobody. He won't pick a fight but DO NOT fuck with him, because he will beat the shit out of you with his bare hands.

He's taken more punches to the face than you have, and he's probably busted a few knuckles on more than just the kitchen cabinets in the dark. Treats people with respect up to the point where they cross the line with him. Keeps his cool but won't be pushed around. He does not justify insecurities by bringing others down; he'll accept everyone to have as much fun as he is having regardless of what they look like.

In general: the behavior and appearance of the badass are as unique and indescribable as he is, because he is not part of a group or class, he's too cool for words. He's fucking badass. That makes him a douchebag. Do you get it now? Girl: "that guy is so badass, what's his name? Guy: "hey that dude just threw three bull's-eyes in a row then slammed a beer, he's pretty fucking badass.

Douchebag: "hey man, look i just bought a hummer, corvette , harley The epitome of the American male. He radiates confidence in everything he does, whether it's ordering a drink, buying a set of wheels, or dealing with women. He's slow to anger, brutally efficient when fighting back. The badass carves his own path. He wears, drives, drinks, watches, and listens to what he chooses, when he chooses, where he chooses, uninfluenced by fads or advertising campaigns.

Badass style is understated but instantly recognizable. Like a chopped Harley or a good pair of sunglasses: simple, direct, and functional. He is a badass. Smith December 23, A person who defines supreme confidance , nearly divine abilty, and a frequent disregard for authority.

Very few badasses live in the current era, but are portrayed frequently in the media. The difference between the standard badass and a regular hero or villan , bad guys might, reasonably enough, actually have an easier time being badass Take James Bond, for example. He is not a badass. He acts out of loyalty, he is not particularly capeble, and he is just a tad bit too perfect to be a badass.

Dirty Harry is a badass. He has absolutely no loyalty to anone except his own version of justice. He kills anyone who even bends said rules, and does it without anything even resembling restraint. He is also completely devoid of fear. Villans can be badass, but it works differently for them. Take Darth Vader, for instance. He is not particularly badass, because he has this complex loyalty thing going on.

Oddly enough, evil badasses often come off as strangly aristocratic, as their uncaring actions and dignified personalities combined with the standard perfect grooming and flowing garments of any good archvillan gives them a rather regal aura. In the movie Saw, two men panicked when presented with torture and death, and were forced into a vicous cycle of parinoia and pain. A badass would have heard "I'm going to kill your wife and kids at 6PM" and laid back and waited, warning Mr.

JigSaw that should he even consider messing with anyone of any importance to him, Party B for badass would gut party A for asshole like a fish. Then, once he inevitably escaped, would torture mr. Jigsaw into a quivering puddle of madness, no doubt through the amputation of various limbs followed by force feeding said limbs to their previous owner until said owner's stomach explodes. Cynical February 11, Awesome to an extreme level , thereby leveraging unquestionable authority.

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How to Dress Like a Badass (Without Being too Sexy)

How to change your life is a big interest of mine, mainly because I did it myself. Three years ago my life was very different — I was living in London and was not very happy. Fast forward to now — I spend half the year in Ibiza and look after private clients in 3 different countries, write for some amazing websites and am about to launch my first group training program about how to market yourself and get clients.

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Want know how to be a baller on a budget? Today's blog will give you all the hottest fashion tips for creating personal style and an unbelievable badass wardrobe. But, and here is the best bit… it won't cost you a fortune. All you need is to release your inner fashion vixen and then pick up some bargains to compliment her.

37 Ways to Be a Badass

And stare at every guy who walks past you with a smug expression. But in your pursuit of being a badass, you need to remember a few key details. Get what I mean? He can throw his weight around and people would still come to him. The wannabe badass is the guy who throws his weight around, and everyone walks away from him. So before you try to be a badass, understand the key differences between the two badasses. A badass is not a prick. The most important trait of a badass is his unpredictable nature.

8 Ways To Be A Badass And Get The Life You Want

Fun fact: a study showed that females are more resilient than men, but you need not look any farther for evidence than this list. From an year-old who climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro to a teenage climate activist to and a UFC legend, here are 25 women who inspire us to do badass stuff. The first major African-American female tennis player, Gibson was an unstoppable force who dominated the sport. Still hungry?

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I used to punch all the guys in high school. After that, I asked for and was quickly given a punching bag to take out my toughness on instead. Because being a badass means more than just trying to be cool. It means being true to yourself and who you are, sticking to your beliefs, and putting yourself out there in the world.

25 Famous Badass Women in History

One time I was in line for something at the local bagel shop and the line got kinda messy, and it was hard to tell who was next. I was in a hurry, and felt I was next, but this other dude started walking up to the counter, kinda cutting in front of me. I called him out on it and was basically a total asshole to the guy.

Being a badass is all about confidence and being real. You can learn to make positive changes in your life to become the person you want to be, and let that confidence affect the way people view you. Amplify the most realistic version of yourself. Be a badass. The first step to being a badass girl is to gain confidence by moving, acting, and dressing exactly the way you envision for yourself. You should be self-reliant but willing to share the badass-ness with other people, like with the new girl in class who might need a friend!

How to be a Badass in 25 Awesomely Bad Ways

They are, without a doubt, the kind of women we should all aspire to be. They get up early. They want to get out there and grab life by the ovaries. They always take lunch. As Americans, many of us have become accustomed to either eating lunch at our desk or skipping it altogether because God forbid you leave the office, breathe in some fresh air, and take a break.

We doubt ourselves, we try to be things we are not, and when we look in the off 'cuz you have more mouths to feed than the old woman who lived in the shoe.








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