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Needles used in a sentence

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Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. Use "needles" in a sentence. Sharp as needles they are. The needles are still buzzing.

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on pins and needles

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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. Learn more Got it! At a sufficient distance over the woods this sound acquires a certain vibratory hum, as if the pine needles in the horizon were the strings of a harp which it swept.

She opened the bag and grabbed the needles , pulling them out with some yarn. If an ox were his property, and he wished to get needles and thread at the store, he thought it would be inconvenient and impossible soon to go on mortgaging some portion of the creature each time to that amount. The needles were long and soft, their vibrant green coloring leaving her breathless. With crochet needles in her lap, Mums eyed Carmen over the rim of her reading glasses.

Ortho-nitrophenol, C6H4. Para-nitrophenol, C6H4. Lemstrbm believed atmospheric electricity to play an important part in the natural growth of vegetation, and he assigned a special role to the needles of fir and pine trees. Flattened crystals of garnet, films of quartz, and needles of tourmaline are not uncommon. The verdant pines outside the fortress wall were beautiful, and she watched their long pine needles stir in an early morning breeze. At the same time he felt that above his face, above the very middle of it, some strange airy structure was being erected out of slender needles or splinters, to the sound of this whispered music.

It sublimes in small rhombic tables or needles , and is slightly soluble in cold water, the solution possessing an acid reaction. Potassium phenolate, C 6 H 5 OK, crystallizes in fine needles , is very hygroscopic and oxidizes rapidly on exposure. The needle was smaller than she remembered needles being, and she steadied her breathing before plunging it into his arm.

The boy seemed attentive in spite of his muteness so Dean resumed sweeping up needles with his hand and continued to chatter. All my early lessons have in them the breath of the woods--the fine, resinous odour of pine needles , blended with the perfume of wild grapes.

It crystallizes in fine silky needles and is soluble in water and alcohol. Steel articles, such as knitting or sewing needles and pieces of flat spring, may be readily magnetized by stroking them with the bar-magnet; after having produced magnetism in any number of other bodies, the magnet will have lost nothing of its own virtue. The hammock was covered with pine needles , for it had not been used while my teacher was away. The needles clicked lightly in her slender, rapidly moving hands, and he could clearly see the thoughtful profile of her drooping face.

She forced herself to notice how dark the sky was, the rich scent of earth in the air, the tickle of the pine needles that brushed her skin. Its solutions in alcohol and ether have a faint blue fluorescence. A somewhat stronger field will deflect many of the needles beyond the limits of stability, causing them to turn round and form new stable combinations, in which the direction assumed by most of them approximates to that of the field.

The manufacture of woollens, linens, hosiery, furniture, gloves, paper, machinery and tools, carriages, nuts and screws, needles and other hardware goods is carried on. It crystallizes in orange-red needles and its alcoholic solution fluoresces strongly. Potassium permanganate oxidizes it to pyridazine tetracarboxylic acid. The receiving apparatus consisted of a multiplier, in the centre of which were pivoted one or two magnetic needles , which either indicated the message by the movement of an index or by striking two bells of different tone, or recorded it by making ink dots on a ribbon of paper.

In Cooke, to whom the idea appears to have been suggested by Schilling's method, invented a telegraph in which an alphabet was worked out by the single and combined movement of three needles. Subsequently, in conjunction with Wheatstone, he introduced another form, in which five vertical index needles , each worked by a separate multiplier, were made to point out the letters on a dial.

Two needles for some letters, one only were acted upon at the same time, and the letter at the point of intersection of the direction of the indexes was read. Granville put into practice between Alum Bay in the Isle of Wight and the Needles lighthouse a method which depends upon conduction through sea water.

It had long been known that the discharges from a Leyden jar could magnetize or demagnetize steel needles. The common monoclinic variety is obtained by allowing a crust to form over molten sulphur by partially cooling it, and then breaking the crust and pouring off the still liquid portion, whereupon the interior of the vessel will be found coated with long needles of this variety.

Baeyer, Ber. It is readily converted into indigo. Of the aromatic compounds azo-benzene is bright orange-red, and a-azonaphthalene forms red needles or small steel-blue prisms. The azogroup, however, has little or no colouring effect when present in a ring system, such as in cinnolene, phthalazine and tolazone.

Iodine in alkaline solution converts pyrrol into iodol tetra-iodopyrrol , crystallizing in yellowishbrown needles , which decompose on heating. It is sparingly soluble in cold water, but readily dissolves in hot. Behind the Emporium rose 8 the Great Caesareum, by which stood the two great obelisks, later known as "Cleopatra's Needles ," and now removed to New York and London.

It is artificially obtained by adding hydrochloric acid to a solution of lead salt, as a white precipitate, little soluble in cold water, less so in dilute hydrochloric acid, more so in the strong acid, and readily soluble in hot water, from which on cooling, the excess of dissolved salt separates out in silky rhombic needles. It possesses the characteristic properties of a diketone, forming crystalline derivatives with sodium bisulphite and a dioxime with hydroxylamine. The effect of these is beautifully illustrated by a model consisting of a number of little compass needles pivoted on sharp points and grouped near to one another upon a board, which is placed inside a large magnetizing coil.

When no current is passing through the coil and the magnetic field is of zero strength, the needles arrange themselves in positions of stable equilibrium under their mutual forces, pointing in. If now a gradually increasing magnetizing force is applied, the needles at first undergo a stable deflection, giving to the group a small resultant moment which increases uniformly with the force; and if the current is interrupted while the force is still weak, the needles merely return to their initial positions.

This corresponds to the second stage of magnetization, in which the susceptibility is large and permanent magnetization is set up. When the strong magnetizing field is gradually diminished to zero and then reversed, the needles pass from one stable position of rest to another through a condition of instability; and if the field is once more reversed, so that the cycle is completed, the needles again pass through a condition of instability before a position of stable equilibrium is regained.

Now the unstable movements of the needles are of a mechanically irreversible character; the energy expended in dissociating the members of a combination and placing them in unstable positions assumes the kinetic form when the needles turn over, and is ultimately frittered down into heat. The needles of the primitive compasses, being made of iron, would require frequent re-magnetization, and a " stone " for the purpose of " touching the needle " was therefore generally included in the navigator's outfit.

Columbium trichloride, CbC1 3, is obtained in needles or crystalline crusts, when the vapour of the pentachloride is slowly passed through a red-hot tube. Columbium pentachloride, CbC1 5, is obtained in yellow needles when a mixture of the pentoxide and sugar charcoal is heated in a current of air-free chlorine. In consequence of the breaking away of the lower part of "Cleopatra's Needles " when removed to Alexandria and re-erected, the Roman engineers supported the angles on bronze crabs, one of which with three reproductions now supports the angles of the obelisk on the Thames Embankment.

Stannous iodide, Sn12, forms yellow red needles , and is obtained from potassium iodide and stannous chloride. It crystallizes in long needles more easily when gently agitated during the cooling, or when mixed with such substances as kieselguhr.

It is characterized by its irritating action on the skin, and by the blue fluorescence shown by solutions of its salts. It crystallizes in needles which rapidly decompose when exposed to moist air. It forms crystalline needles soluble in alkalis, chloroform and Zoo parts of water. Its hardware industries are important, and embrace iron rolling, the manufacture of fine wire, needles , springs and silver ornaments. It forms hard crystalline crusts with 1H 2 0 made up of hard white needles.

By warming its aqueous solution with an excess of silver oxide it is converted into tetramethylammonium hydroxide, N CH3 40H, which crystallizes in hygroscopic needles , and has a very alkaline reaction. It crystallizes in small colourless needles and is easily soluble in water; the concentrated aqueous solution dissolves bromine and iodine readily.

In the innocuous snakes the teeth are simple and uniform in structure, thin, sharp like needles , and bent backwards; their function consists merely in seizing and holding the prey. When a solution of silver nitrate is poured on to metallic mercury, the mercury replaces the silver in the solution, forming nitrate of mercury, and the silver is precipitated; it does not, however, appear as pure metallic silver, but in the form of crystalline needles of an alloy of silver and mercury.

The gold chloride of commerce, which is used in photography, is really a hydrochloride, chlorauric or aurichloric acid, HAuC1 4. Oliveri, Gazz. It possesses a disagreeable faecal odour, sublimes readily, and turns brown on exposure to air.

Tantalum pentachloride, TaC1 5, is obtained as light yellow needles by heating a mixture of the pentoxide and carbon in a current of chlorine. It is soluble in hot benzene, sublimes easily, and is very stable towards oxidizing agents. It possesses an unpleasant smell and its vapour is extremely poisonous. The implements found in the relic bed under it were axe-heads of stone, with their haftings of stag's horn and wood; a flint saw, set in a handle of fir wood and fastened with asphalt; flint flakes and arrow-heads; harpoons of stag's horn with barbs; awls, needles , chisels, fish-hooks and other implements of bone; a comb of yew wood 5 in.

Among the tools of bone and stag's horn were awls, needles , harpoons, scraping tools and haftings for stone axe-heads. The western promontory is flanked on the north by the picturesque Alum Bay, and the lofty detached rocks known as the Needles lie off it..

Minute rods or needles of rutile are also common in slates, and well-formed cubes of pyrites are often visible on the splitting faces. In other cases, especially near mineral veins, slates are filled with black needles of tourmaline or are bleached to pale grey and white colours, or are silicified and impregnated with mineral ores. Potassium ferrocyanide in alkaline solution oxidizes it to dinitrosobenzene, whilst cold concentrated nitric acid oxidizes it to para-dinitrobenzene.

Other manufactures include needles , machinery, cigars, soap, hosiery, furniture and shoes. Both in the town and neighbourhood there are numerous foundries and works for iron, brass, steel and bronze goods, while other manufactures include wire, needles and pins, fish-hooks, machinery, umbrella-frames, thimbles, bits, furniture, chemicals, coffee-mills, and pinchbeck and britanniametal goods.

The brass and bronze industries are carried on at Iserlohn and Altena, those of tin and Britannia metal at Ludenscheid; needles are made at Iserlohn and wire at Altena. It crystallizes in long yellow needles and decomposes readily on heating into the monochloride and chlorine.

Hydroferricyanic acid, H 3 Fe NC s, obtained by adding concentrated hydrochloric acid to a cold saturated solution of potassium ferricyanide, crystallizes in brown needles , and is easily decomposed.

The needle weir has, however, attained its greatest development in the United States across the Big Sandy river at Louisa, where, instead of needles 3 to 4 in. The needles are put in place one by one against the raised frames, or trestles, by a derrick on a barge lifting them by their ring, whilst a man on the foot-bridge, taking hold of the eye at the top, arranges them in position close together.

The weir is opened by joining the needles of each bay by a chain passed through the eyes at the top and a line of wire through the central rings, so that when released at the top by the tilting of the escape bar by the derrick, they float down as a raft, and are caught by a man in a boat, or, when the cur rent is strong, they are 'mopes?

Chromium trioxide, Cr03, is obtained by adding concentrated sulphuric acid to a cold saturated solution of potassium bichromate, when it separates in long red needles ; the mother liquor is drained off and the crystals are washed with concentrated nitric acid, the excess of which is removed by means of a current of dry air. Chromous chloride, CrC1 2, is prepared by reducing chromic chloride in hydrogen; it forms white silky needles , which dissolve in water giving a deep blue solution, which rapidly absorbs oxygen, forming basic chromic salts, and acts as a very strong reducing agent.

The fluoride, CrF3, results on passing hydrofluoric acid over the heated chloride, and sublimes in needles. Its constitution is determined by the facts that it may be prepared by reducing nitro-azo-benzene by ammonium sulphide and that by reduction with stannous chloride it yields aniline and. It crystallizes in orange-red needles which melt at On reduction with zinc dust in dilute sal - ammoniac solution, it yields ortho-aminophenol and aniline.

On distillation, it yields aniline and azobenzene. It is moderately soluble in cold water. The ortho-compound may be obtained by oxidizing ortho-nitrocinnamic acid with alkaline potassium permanganate in the presence of benzene; or from ortho - nitrobenzyl chloride by condensing it with aniline, oxidizing the product so obtained to ortho-nitrobenzylidine aniline, and then hydrolysing this compound with an acid Farben fabrik d.

It is used in the artificial production of indigo see German Patent By - adding sodium phosphate to magnesium sulphate and allowing the mixture to stand, hexagonal needles of MgHPO 4. Creak, and has been found to give satisfactory results on board ship. The circle is provided with two needles in addition to those used for determining the dip, one a an ordinary dip needle, and the other b a needle which has been loaded at one end by means of a small peg which fits into one of two symmetrically placed holes in the needle.

The magnetism of these two needles is never reversed, and they are as much as possible protected from shock and from approach to other magnets, so that their magnetic state may remain as constant as possible.

knitting needle

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. Learn more Got it! At a sufficient distance over the woods this sound acquires a certain vibratory hum, as if the pine needles in the horizon were the strings of a harp which it swept.

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Sentences Mobile I'm sure they had everybody in LA on pins and needles. Just the thought of that has his grandfather on pins and needles. The name for the " pins and needles " feeling is paresthesia. I was sitting on pins and needles waiting for the Samaki Walker decision.

Needles in a sentence

Sentences Mobile Many cities have implemented needle exchange programs without using federal funds. Finally a vein in her left hand succumbed to the needle. Really " high-heels, needle -thin stilettos. Each of these attitudes perpetuates the needless deaths of innocent critters. Koga Shuko, needless to say, wants both for himself. Needless to say, this is not one of those days. It's difficult to see needless in a sentence.

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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. Learn more Got it! A nurse walked in with a needle and after that she fell asleep again. I feel more like a ship's sailor in a storm, with shredded sails with someone handing me a needle and thread. She looked away and fumbled with the needle and thread she'd found in a sewing kit.

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Psychology Press Bolero Ozon. Cognition In Action. Alan F. Collins , Philip Levy , Peter E.

Needle in a haystack. If trying to find something is like looking for a needle in a haystack, it means that it is very difficult, if not impossible to find among everything around it. In most cases, direct search may be accompanied by navigational exploration to help the user " finding needles in a haystack :" the volume of search results can be overwhelmingly large and needs to be further structured to allow relevant information to be located. The larger satellite will also send images back to Earth. In this section Finding needles in a haystack Illusions and delusions Spaced-out students Dreams are made of this ReprintsThe second objective is to test hardware being developed for future projects.

Suspended sentence for woman who laced supermarket meat with needles

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