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Skyrim male marriage partners

In Skyrim , you can marry anyone of any gender or race. If you're a male Nord , you could marry a male Orc if you wish! Oh, the possibilities! However, searching for love can be hard in a world fraught with civil war and dragons. Not everyone is open to the idea of romance in the midst of such rough times.

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Best/most interesting male marriage candidates.

Skyrim Forums. Welcome to Skyrim Forums! Register now to participate using the 'Sign Up' button on the right. You may now register with your Facebook or Steam account! FullmetalHeart20 Well-Known Member. I figure since there's already a wife specific one I might as well post this. Who's your favorite potential husband and why? I haven't married in Skyrim yet, so I have no opinion.

Like x 2. I don't think you can, correct me if I'm wrong lol. Like x 1. Wildroses Well-Known Member. My first and main character got married to Vorstag. I was kind of charmed when I went back to Markarth once after hiring him and he walked across the inn to tell me how pleased he was to see I was still in one piece, considering all the trouble I get myself into.

As he followed it up with "So I'll come help you if you pay my fee again" he was probably just trying a sales pitch on me, but I was still touched enough to re-hire him. He was still in my employ when I got an amulet of Mara and the rest is history. Vorstag is a great husband. In combat he was an idiotically overprotective husband. The slightest threat and he'd go charging forward leaving me going: "Um Your broad shoulders are blocking all my clear shots, so I guess I'll just stand here and wait patiently for you to kill all the threats.

I'm in awe. Where did he get his energy? Like x 4. Saozig Hippy. Despite all the characters I've played I've never completed the Marriage quest.

I noticed a lot of people who pick a male NPC for a spouse go with Farkas, and Vorstag has a lot of fans too. I haven't seen much else in the way of people's experiences with male candidates. KattSand told me in another thread that Marcurio--the candidate who'd probably be my first pick in an ideal world--stops being so chatty after you marry him, which I found disappointing to learn. That's what I love about him and if he changed for me after our marriage, I'd be crushed.

So with my current character, a Dunmer, I've set her up to marry Revyn Sadri the pawnshop owner in the Gray Quarter, once she's done doing some favors and making more friends to came to their wedding. I haven't seen any mention of what he's like as a husband, so I'll have to let you guys know.

I was annoyed with the selection of male candidates: a lot of Nords, which is understandable, but way too many Companions. Since my first character, I ignore the Companions so all of those are not options. I hate that you can marry Camilla, but not Faendal. There's a few male Dunmer and Orcs you can marry at least. I really like Ghorbash, and was thinking of having one of my Breton characters marry him but he got glitchy as a follower so I didn't pursue that, concerned he'd be extra glitchy as a spouse.

Anyone try marrying him? Was he glitchy as a spouse? He was going to be my pick for my Dunmer, because I wanted a husband who wouldn't walk around all the time in armor, but then I decided to go with Sardi. According to TES Wiki, he might continue to flirt after you marriage him. I think that'd be hilarious I'm so not the jealous type! Onmund too.

Has anyone married him yet? The other one I like as a marriage candidate is Argis, the housecarl of Vindrel Hall. Anyone ever marry him? EDIT: After writing this post I was playing my Dunmer character with Marcurio as a follower, and he just totally saved me from a troll I didn't notice coming up behind me because i was trying to track a dragon. Oh, Marcurio He was a total grump. If you asked him if the shop had made any money he got all offended and said: "Well of course it has!

Would you expect any less of me?! Tommorow meant never, as that dialogue option vanished. He kept undoing all my reorganisation of our bedroom, and I soon learnt to go to bed before him because if I didn't he wouldn't let me sleep in the same bed as him, forcing me to sleep in a free bed upstairs.

I think the problem was he was still hopelessly in love with Vivienne. He admits to you he had a crush on her when he was young, and one time he bought some spiced wine from Evette saying he was going to give it to her, prompting Evette to say something along the lines of: "You mean you're going to hold onto it until you lose your nerve like you did with the last one?

But if you are more mercenary minded, Sorex is one of the best catches. Easy task to get his attention, and you get to live in the fancy Winking Skeever and own the considerable amount of trinkets contained within.

Funny x 1 Informative x 1. MakkeKaryumo Member. I had my male Imperial marry Stenvar at about the same time I got to Riften for the first time. I had hired him and just grew attached, so I bought an Amulet of Mara from that hippie guy and proposed to Stenvar.

He said yes, and he has been on every quest with me since. He is an awesome companion to have because he always fights with you, and he can't die unless you specifically kill him. I actually had a mishap where I realized just how attached I was to him. I fast traveled somewhere and he was gone, so I looked around for a while and couldn't find him.

I started freaking out, thinking he might have been killed without me realizing it. So I tried to hire Belrand and he said I had someone with me already. He was fine. I was so happy it's strange. PrisonerLizzie Well-Known Member. I married Balimund with my first character my second has a wife and we moved into Vlindrel Hall with the Housecarl Argis, who incidentally sounds exactly like Balimund.

I was in heaven. And it was wonderful, right up until that companions quest where the two let a bear into my house Like x 2 Funny x 1. Andante Roleplaying Moderator. I know I'm probably jumping on the bandwagon here, but I really do love Vilkas and Farkas as husbands.

Vilkas turns incredibly sweet, almost hopelessly devoted, once married. Sure, it's a bit of a change if you like his gruff, and cool personality, but his proposal is adorable. He's always happy to see you return, share his gold and items, and doesn't care to cook for you. Farkas is the same, though he's pretty friendly from the beginning. He turns into a complete puppy once married, always asking if you need things, or want him to do something for you.

Plus, they make great followers for warrior type characters, only, you have to be careful with them after marriage. Their essential status can be tricky and sometimes they can be killed if you're not cautious. I've always wanted to marry Torvar with one of my characters, simply because he's hilarious.

To be such a minor character he's got an interesting and dynamic personality that I can't help but like. Even if he's a stinking drunk. I'd marry YOU. I'd marry you twice!! Stendarr's mercy, what are you, some kinda' tease? For my most recent character, I found myself wishing Galmar Stone-Fist was a viable candidate for marriage.

His devotion to the cause, and gruff personality were just perfect for my strong Nord warrior. Alas, her love was for naught. I even tried fooling around with his character file in the creation kit: nada. To answer a former question in the discussion, it is possible to remarry - I've done it.

The husband of one of my earlier characters got separated from her and ended up getting killed. Once the inheritance money came, a few days passed, and she ditched her old wedding ring, characters began responding to her Amulet of Mara again. She was married again without problems. If you play PC there is a quick and easy way to "divorce" and set yourself up to remarry via console, but of course not everyone plays PC. What happened with my character should be possible with Xbox and PS3 players, should their spouses die, or be involved in an unfortunate "accident".

Informative x 2 Like x 1.

The Easy Way To Get Married In Skyrim

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With many Skyrim players choosing to play a male character, potential female spouses are easy to seek out and rank. This list will give you the 10 best husbands you can get, detailing what they offer in utility, as well as how to get them to fall for you.

In a game where you can role-play in a countless number of ways, it's only fitting that you can get hitched to one of your favourite characters along the way. Knowing how to get married in Skyrim is also useful for gameplay; it unlocks of the game's many achievements, and can offer a number of temporary but reoccurring benefits that can really come in handy. The first step to marriage is getting the Amulet of Mara, and the easiest way is from Riften, where all marriages take place. Once you've at Riften if you've yet to visit, then grab a carriage from outside any major city to travel for a small cost and locate someone named Marmal.

Top 10 Best Husbands in Skyrim

As part of our huge Skyrim guide , we wanted to help you find the man or woman of your dreams. Before you can get married, of course, you need to acquire an Amulet of Mara, which is, we suppose, the Skyrim equivalent of not wearing a ring. If you equip the amulet and talk to someone who is interested in you, you can start a conversation that might lead towards marriage. There are many benefits to marriage besides companionship and the promise that your Dragonborn is enjoying a healthy sex life:. Sounds good, right? But before you can get any of that you need to figure out who you want to marry. Here are all the people you can marry in Skyrim, where they live, what they do, and what objectives you must complete to be able to fling woo their way.


Just like in real life, marriage is a personal choice. How about you and me getting hitched? The city is chock full of adventure, and is home to the Thieves Guild. This temple is your destination. Start talking with Maramal and ask him about the Temple of Mara.

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Housecarls will be wiling to wed you as soon as they enter your service, mercenaries must be hired first, and other candidates have fetch quests or other requirements. It does not have to be an amulet purchased from Maramal, any amulet of Mara will do. Others appear at random throughout the game. Choose your spouse wisely.

Skyrim spouses: The good, the bad and the ugly

In Skyrim , you have the option of marrying an NPC , regardless of race or gender. To do so, you must complete the quest The Bonds of Matrimony , which involves speaking with Maramal about marriage and wearing an Amulet of Mara which signifies that you are available to be married. Once you have found an NPC who also wishes to be married, and whose disposition towards you is high enough, you can gain their consent to marry you and then attend the wedding ceremony at the Temple of Mara. After the wedding, if you speak with your new spouse, you can determine where they will live.

If you're looking to finally settle down and find love in Skyrim , you might be a bit surprised by how many options you have. So long as you've got the Amulet of Mara, pretty much anyone whose trust you've gained will be willing to get married to you and settle down. While who you settle down with is obviously your personal choice, there are a few husbands in particular that we recommend picking as your life-long partner. Without further ado, let's have a look at the ten best husbands and how they'll come to accept your proposal. Head over to Windhelm's Gray Quarter, an area where dark elves live in poverty and separation from the rest of Windhelm's citizens.

Top 15 Best Husbands in Skyrim

After obtaining the Amulet of Mara , the Dragonborn has the option to engage in marriage with an eligible character regardless of either party's gender. Those that can be married generally require that a specific task be completed beforehand. Whether the partner is a merchant or not, after marriage, they are able to purchase and sell general goods, also allowing the Dragonborn to collect a daily portion of their profits from their "work. If the share is not collected, the gold accumulates. The new dialogue is unlocked with certain characters if the Dragonborn is both wearing the amulet and has met the requirement relating to the individual, usually a quest. The Dragonborn can then express their wish to marry the person.

Jump to Male NPCs - Even if a character is flagged as marriageable, the Radiant AI system may not allow you to marry said character even if you have.

The marriage mechanic is one of the newest additions to the Elder Scrolls series and first came with base-game Skyrim. There are dozens of husbands waiting for you to marry them, each with their own perks too. He sells the amulet for coins and also sets up the ceremonies for any upcoming marriages. Quintus Navale was born in the Imperial domain of Cyrodiil, but he moved to Skyrim to work with one of the best alchemists in the world — a man named Neurelion, whose life has been fully dedicated to finding the White Phial. It is said that Marcurio is one of the most savant Skyrim residents when it comes to Dwemer knowledge , and he often travels old Dwemer ruins to find out more about the ancient culture.

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