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We need a new beginning man the vision is off

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Motivational quotes can help you reach your potential each day. Motivation is your desire to do something with your personal life, at work, in school, in sports, or in any hobbies. Having the motivation to do something can help you achieve your big goals and dreams, whatever they may be. Music can be as powerful a motivator as motivational quotes.

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The Shuttle Pod Crew Sets Off On A New Beginning With ‘Star Trek: Picard’

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February 11, By: Shuttle Pod Crew 43 comments so far. Like what you hear? Shuttle Pod , Star Trek: Picard. I found the hesitation at that chair showed us the distance Picard has come psychologically from the hubris he showed in effectively demanding captaincy of a ship from Clancy. This is a fairly defensive statement. This, along with the earlier allusion to a tendency to paranoia even without snakeweed , suggests that those involved in the cover-up trumped up a mental health rationale to pull her clearance, thereby making it impossible to continue as an analyst.

Hyphenated names are said in full never shortened to Jean , but short forms like J-L among close colleagues are ok. By the way, I noticed that Raffi switched to using Jean-Luc when the conversation turned dire in the flashback. I totally forgot to bring up the Starfleet-Romulan conspiracy that Raffi says she has proof of, doh! Laris and the other Romulan friend of Picard are ex-Tal Shiar.

Picard is, well, Jean-Luc Picard. Even in their advanced age, I totally believed they could fend off their attackers with the hidden weapons and stuff. It sucks that overall this show is so good, but they have such really cringe worthy stuff in it, like the vape pen and the sunglasses. Oh well. No profanity laced, secret upon secret upon world ending secret that gets you numb to any consequences. In fact, so far all the Kurtzman Trek products are keeping our entire household engaged.

The debates and the quibbling is part of the Trek fan experience for many of us. By the way, in our household of Trek fans, only half of us will even watch the Orville so I doubt that it has any greater universal appeal than Kurtzman Trek — and likely less.

Kurtzman brought back Stewart. And he only could do that with changing the formula. I figured it was only a matter of time and money. And when Discovery failed to deliver what CBS hoped it made perfect sense they would reach out to him. Sorry but if someone else was in charge of Trek at CBS and went to Stewart with bags full of money he would still be back.

I respect the opinion given in response to my own. We want people to feel excited! Excited yet? In short, its not what they are trying to do, its how well they are doing it that really annoys me. Also as TG47 said, Trekkies love to nitpick, and critique. So not all of it comes from a negative place.

There are always nitpicks and criticisms. So far so good IMO. TNG now ends the way it was meant to end — on the small screen! Actually I think it was meant to end on the big screen. Nemesis was partly set up to be a finale but they left a couple of holes just in case and I think there were already ideas for a 5th and truly final TNG feature had the film done better at the BO.

But the fact that NEM was set up as a partial finale tells me that many sort of saw the writing on the wall for the future of Trek at the time. My friends and I did the same thing with WoK. We all loved the movie but have been known to nit pick it to death. They said they could admire him and be against him at the same time.

Well, we can admire WoK and still see the small flaws at the same time. Kurtzman Trek is not impressing me at all yet, and I was really psyched for Picard. Agreed, bring on Orville. I have loved the first two seasons. This is what everyone is asking Kurtzman to do, if not, please hire a new Guy. I feel some fans prefer to have nothing new for Start Trek. We should be more supportive to what Kurtzman is trying to do here. They revived the franchise. And now he is bringing back what we all love, the TV streaming Shows.

He has been able to walk and dance in a thin line between the decision makers and the audience. He listens to the Fans, he make adjustments and move forward. If we continue the online bullying, non respectful criticism, we will end up, AGAIN, with 3 season shows. When Star Trek Enterprise was finally getting better, they cancel the show, and we waited years for Star Trek If new Trek sucks, I am going to say so.

When my favorite hockey team sucks and they do I tell everyone how much they suck. I hear you but saying Kurtzman worked with Abrahams on the new movies is not a huge selling point here lol.

But I get your point obviously. But for me, this is what I always dreamed of seeing Star Trek, really expanding the universe and seeing multiple aspects of it in various time periods. I want to see Trek go forward and come up with new ideas and approaches. So bringing Picard back was a total no-brainer and as we are seeing its connecting to the TNG era mythology and other characters.

So its great for me even if its still not my first preference. Not overly excited about Section 31 but we still know so little about it ad that could surprise people too. Lower Decks sounds like tons of fun and will probably make a lot of people happy who want something more akin to TNG and they already said they plan to bring in characters from all the shows. ML31 and Tiger2, I agree with you. This is exactly the space to talk about the shows, to talk about everything.

Its just that sometimes, from time to time I see some people writing very mean comments. We always have to wait several years to see a new production. Thanks to Berman, we had several movies and shows simultaneously.

CBS and Kurtzman are already aiming at that and again I see a wave of negative and unnecessary complains. Maybe reading not from one person, but reading from everyone at the same time, it amplifies the negative feedback that CBS detractors will be using as an argument not to move fwd to invest in more cheaper shows.

Tiger2, Section 31 is the perfect example. Me too, not impressed with the portrayal of Emperor Georgiou leading the show. The cynical personality. I wish we had our Captain Phillipa back to lead the series. How can you trust a Mirror Universe Evil Character!? For me, what you want to see would be perfect. The dream to many of us. Could be very awesome Time Travel stories to visit different time periods. Unlimited stories and characters.

I dream of having this new show bringing back my favorite characters fixing the timeline…past, present, and future. Resolve the Temporal Cold War. I think this will not happen, but would be awesome. I want our universe Phillipa to take the lead. But Hey, who am I to argue a new show, I also want to see this show in !!! I really appreciate especially your understanding that fans hyping up sibling rivalry among Trek shows does nothing to advance the franchise.

We have to accept that the format of episodic shows that could pivot in style from week to week is not realistic at present. The market will surely shift again over time, and new Trek writers may be able to do other things.

And yes obviously I agree with nearly all your points. The funny thing is for me is when we found out Kurtzman was going to make a new Trek show and we heard it was Discovery, I was REALLY down on him and the idea yes Fuller came up with it but I thought it was a direction Kurtzman himself wanted to go in.

And not just because it was a prequel and it was so close to TOS, but because I thought this was all we were getting…for years. The day Patrick Stewart showed up to announce Picard was coming back just changed everything for me after that. I knew from that point on all bets were off. And every announcement since has been wildly different from the other. Maybe not exactly, but close enough. The sky is the limit now. They are creating a franchise that can go to any time period, use any character, follow any event, past, present and future.

And its just getting started. I know not everyone is onboard with all of it especially on Youtube lol and a lot of the criticisms ARE valid! Given how well the writers know Trek lore, and particularly how much Kirsten Beyer has thought about replicators out in the Delta Quadrant for her novels, I suspect there is a message in all of these replicators. Only a plain vanilla shake by the menu image shown.

Ep2, 1: the staff room replicator on Mars base seems to be a simple, century-old food synthesizer that uses prepared steel plates and food-component matrices.

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Vision was an android who possessed a synthetic body made from vibranium created by Ultron with Helen Cho 's help, using the powerful artifact known as the Mind Stone to bring Vision to life. Originally conceived as the perfect form for Ultron, the body was taken by the Avengers before Tony Stark and Bruce Banner proceeded to upload the remnants of Stark's personal A. Upon his birth, Vision declared he was the hybrid of both Ultron and J.

That one special day each year when we throw a party and reflect on the day our amazing journey began. We learn to walk. Then we learn to talk. Then we go to school and learn our ABCs. When we graduate high school they tell us we have our whole lives in front of us.

New Beginnings Quotes

During the s, Seattle staggered under the Great Depression. Local businessmen and clergy determined to bring relief to their suffering city, and by August 21st, , the Union Gospel Mission opened its doors as a soup kitchen. Led by Dr. Francis O. Peterson, more than 9, meals were served in the first four months of By , over men were sheltered at the Mission each night. After a decade of serving homeless men impacted by the Depression, the Mission knew that it wasn't just unemployed men who lived on Seattle's streets — women and children needed shelter and new beginnings too. In , the Women Division opened, offering an employment bureau, clothing outlet, counseling, and accommodations to women in need of a fresh start. In , men found jobs through the job placement program, enabling them to provide and keep their families off the streets. The Mission also opened the Friendly Inn, a shelter for women, and sent children from the inner city to its first day camp at Lake Sammamish.

300+ Motivational Quotes To Reach Your Potential Each Day

Change is hard, guys. I should have been thrilled, but the idea of leaving my comfy job and awesome co-workers for something new and different was kind of terrifying. After spending way too much time agonizing over my decision, I ended up taking the new job , hating it, and quitting without a backup plan. Long story short, that choice led to an entirely new career.

Presbyopia is the normal loss of near focusing ability that occurs with age. Most people begin to notice the effects of presbyopia sometime after age 40, when they start having trouble seeing small print clearly — including text messages on their phone.

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We stopped at the designated area, and in less than a minute, all men were aboard, and we “I just witnessed a ton ofpressure being lifted off ofyou with one breath. You really carry more burden than you need to,” Cooper said. In a brief moment through my night vision, I noticed something that would end up stopping  Daniel Michael - - ‎Fiction.

February 11, By: Shuttle Pod Crew 43 comments so far. Like what you hear? Shuttle Pod , Star Trek: Picard. I found the hesitation at that chair showed us the distance Picard has come psychologically from the hubris he showed in effectively demanding captaincy of a ship from Clancy. This is a fairly defensive statement.

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Bookworm Speaks! Review contains spoilers. The Story: Will Treaty has come a long way from the small boy with dreams of knighthood.

Presbyopia: What causes it and how to treat it

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