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Why does my husband need a man cave

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It's an escape from family responsibilities your wife and mother of your kids cannot and does not escape from. What would happen if she did lived in her woman cave? It's checking out mentally, physically and emotionally in a destructive way unhealthy for your marriage and children. It's a cop out from the daily grind you signed on to when you committed yourself to marriage and had children. Get your ass out of your hiding hole and participate regularly with your family like a real man.

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26 Thoughts Moms Have When the Husband Is in His Man Cave

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It's an escape from family responsibilities your wife and mother of your kids cannot and does not escape from. What would happen if she did lived in her woman cave? It's checking out mentally, physically and emotionally in a destructive way unhealthy for your marriage and children. It's a cop out from the daily grind you signed on to when you committed yourself to marriage and had children.

Get your ass out of your hiding hole and participate regularly with your family like a real man. Your wife is lonely for your time and your children need you to be available when you are not working. All the time.

That's how it goes, Mister Man. Grow up. You're missing out and messing up by only being available at your own convenience. Man caves are a shame and disgrace to every immature man-child who has one. Even if you're in there creating a multi-million dollar invention for your family to live in comfort the rest of your lives, your wife and kids would rather have you, your time, your attention, not just when you feel like it, but when they need it.

Get your lazy, cop-out ass out of there and spend time with your family before it's too late--before your wife is sick of doing life alone and begging for your time, before your children are grown and gone. It all goes by way too fast. Wake up and grow up with your family like a real man. I agree that you are giving the man freedom from his time needed to help at home. The wife has no where to escape. My husband isn't working so he doesn't come home from a long day at the job and he doesn't come across pl who need help.

If he does, he wines about it. He is in the garage from 9am till 7 or 8 pm. Thats BS. I agree with first commenter. The more time my husband spends in the garage, literally just sitting out there, vaping and watching YouTube videos, the more I resent him for not being available to the family.

I could understand it more if he kept the garage clean or had a project he was working on. But I end up cleaning the garage myself most of the time. It's very frustrating. Not to mention, that all the while, I'm still doing all the housework. I know the frustration of an the escaping husband all too well. Many nights crying, angry, resentful, etc. I fear our boys growing up without learning the basics of manhood. Talk about backfiring. I can only do so much as a mother. However, the post is true.

The workforce is not friendly. When he gets home he wants shake it all off. Being a nagging wife as soon as he walks through the door is the best invitation to run to his man cave and escape YOU. I decided to let God deal with my husband. Not for him I know. Ladies, you're not the maid. Trust me. Let him find YOU. He will need sex and he will come find you.

And when he does, have a civilized conversation about limits and reasonable expectations that restores peace in your marriage and allows you both to have freedom. When you both feel free, your children will inevitably benefit also. RSS Feed. Man caves come in all shapes and sizes - a room in the basement, part of the garage, a shed on the side of the house, a tree-house in the backyard, a home gym, or a den or office.

Location aside, why do you, as a wife, cringe when your husband retreats to his mancave? Do you feel hurt, ignored, and un-loved? If so, you need to know the secret truth about your husband's man cave. SECRET: If you let your husband have the time and space he needs in his man cave, then he will come back to you refreshed, renewed, and ready to love and serve you and your kids, if you have any in a more meaningful way. Here are three reasons why your husband needs a man cave:.

Time to recharge, renew, and recommit to those things that matter most in your life. You need that sense of freedom - the freedom to think, draw, plan, dream, set-goals, and create a full and healthy life for yourself. So, realize that it is healthy for your husband to have freedom to exist as his own person - to tinker, pursue hobbies, or to just watch a game without having you on his back. Just think of that sweet husband of yours - he works long hours for meager wages; comes home with a smile on his face and with tickles for the kids; heads off to teach the cub scouts how to tie knots; and then stops to help someone on the side of the road before returning home and crashing into bed exhausted from all his responsibilities and a lack of time with his favorite person ever - you.

So, what if it has been a long day and you haven't had any time with your spouse? Are you going to cry and whine when your hubby tells you he is going downstairs for fifteen minutes? It would be wise for you to try and discern your husband's needs and to recognize that he literally never has time for himself.

At this rate, he is going to wear down pretty quickly, and turn into an uptight, stressed, and grouchy old puss. Do yourself a favor and send him to his man cave for renewal. Even fifteen minutes can make a big difference. A successful marriage doesn't mean you have to be together all the time. Rather, it means that you both take care of yourselves, all while looking out for your spouse and seeking to serve, bless, and help them.

So, look out for your husband and make sure he is getting a little time alone. He will come upstairs renewed, refreshed, and ready to talk and ready to love. W hat matters is that he has a space to call his own. A space to decorate as he sees fit since you told him the life-size Darth Vadar helmet doesn't "fit," in your bedroom. The idea behind the "man cave," is that your husband has space. It may not be a lot of space, but it is his and he will be protective of it.

Just think, you probably have your own space too - a craft room, scrapbooking desk, or a sewing table if you aren't crafty, you probably dominate the kitchen and the bathroom.

So, let your husband have some space. Admit it. And if you don't, you probably have young kids who do. And then there are the cub scouts. Or you may have teenagers. Let's not even get started with them. Without a "man cave" of sorts, your hot-hunk-of-a-husband is going to come to a breaking point soon where there is too much noise, too little sleep, and not enough quiet. He will start to feel drained, exhausted, and a bit grouchy.

So just send him to his man cave. Let him have some down-time. Some quiet time. Some thinking and tinkering time. He needs that. The nice thing is that quiet time will invite reflection, calm, and peace into your husband's life, and those attributes and qualities will bless your marriage in return. He may just need an outlet Not all men need a "man cave" per se, but they all appreciate some alone time, space, and quiet that can be found through other outlets.

Some like mountain biking, others enjoy fishing the true quiet seekers. Some enjoy the camaraderie and renewal of watching a sports game with buddies as long as their favorite team wins, right? Other outlets may include camping, hiking, hunting, golfing, reading, shopping, working out, etc. The important thing is to support your husband and encourage him to find time for himself.

What a man cave is not It's also important to understand what a man cave is not. If the idea of a man cave is taken too far, then it can end up backfiring - and the consequences can be painful.

Your husband's man cave can be his sanctuary, a place where he can go for renewal. And remember, that after some well-deserved rest in his cave, he'll come back to you regenerated, renewed, and ready to be his best self.

First Name. Lonely Wife. Janet RS. Collette Jones.

What’s REALLY the Deal with a Man Cave?

Man Caves. Love them? Hate them?

To me, the term man cave seems silly and conjures up images of…well…a caveman. Most people know what a man cave is. A place of solitude.

Having lived for years in a small apartment right in the heart of the city with 3 children and a dog, my husband has not had the privilege of having a physical man cave to call his own. I am certain that he is not the only one. However, not having an actual man cave has not prevented my husband from getting a healthy dose of cave-time. This precious time is used to catch up on current affairs or the latest sports news, and helps him to recharge so that he comes out ready to be present with the family.

6 Reasons Why He Needs A Man Cave

It's a terrible trope of family sitcoms, Super Bowl commercials, and any other area that our culture has let toxic masculinity run wild: the husband, usually dressed in cargo shorts and a visor, explains to his wife why he needs a space that can serve as his "man cave," a place where antiquated, troglodyte mentalities can thrive. It's insulting, it's tacky, and surprise! A man cave, for the uninitiated, is defined as a space within your home that is the exclusive domain of the "man of the house" for him to decorate and do with as he pleases. As such, its furnishings typically showcase the trifecta of chic—billiards, booze paraphernalia, and black leather—and tout fine finishes like "Parking for Packers Fans Only" and neon Miller High Life signs. Sounds benign enough, right? Let's unpack this garbage a little further. The term "man cave" first cropped up in in John Gray's Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus , earned itself a hashtag circa , and gained a foothold over the last 30 years as the number of women working outside of the home grew. Couple that with an increase in the number of men taking on shared childcare responsibilities, as well as a decrease in popularity in male-only private clubs, and the response has been some men creating a space in their own homes they feel can be exclusively their own.

F*ck Your Man Cave

LifeWire -- When Vicki and Brian Meldrum bought their first home four years ago in Cleveland, they made a pact: She could decorate and furnish the rest of the 1,square-foot house however she wanted, but the byfoot finished basement was his. Brian Meldrum filled his "man cave" in the basement with vintage movie posters and sports memorabilia. But for Brian, it's not just about holding onto the ratty futon and the "Fletch" movie poster from his bachelor days. It's about having a "mantuary," or "man cave" -- a space just for him where he can watch sports uninterrupted or play Xbox games with his buddies.




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Apr 18, - Don't I want him to be happy? He never had a man cave before we had kids Would I be as irritated if he asked, "Hey, is it cool if I spend all.








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