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A virgo woman personality

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The very best and absolute worst of Virgo, according to astrology. The sixth of the zodiac signs and an Earth sign, men and women whose birthdays fall under the Virgo star sign are creatures with complex personality traits and characteristics, known for a nature that desires to love and be loved. Virgos are often thought of in relation to their symbol — The Virgin — and they are seen as the purest of the zodiac signs. This ideal that the rest of the world has for them sometimes puts added pressure on how they feel they should view themselves.

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Virgo Traits

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Self-sufficient, ambitious, perfectionist, realistic, witty, workaholic, blunt and a total bad-ass. A Virgo woman may seem to be extremely critical and arrogant at first, but the truth is that the more you get to know her the more you will like her.

She is born to be the best and nothing less. She will work hard to have it that way. The Virgo woman is in a continuous search for perfection, and she is rarely satisfied with the way things are. She can perceive deception from miles away. She can easily read people and her super-strong intuition will lead her to the truth. Never lie to a Virgo woman. She wants you to be honest with her and she will admire you for that. Thanks to her fast-thinking mind, she will always have clever and funny remarks to make at the right time.

Virgos tend to be the wittiest and most sarcastic of the Zodiacs. She is self-sustaining and independent. She hates to rely on others, she would rather take care of her own stuff so she never has to worry about things not getting done.

She has a strong sense of self and opinions that she fully believes in. Behind her demure demeanor, she is hiding a high libido and a love for sex. Her ambition is the fuel that keeps her going. She has a way of seeing through people and things. She can handle situations no one else would be able to manage.

She can get through any foreseeable problem thanks to her analytical mind. She is always striving to better, and also wants to help those around her to do their very best. She strives for greatness and hopes to bring others into greatness as well.

She will inspire you to be better and do more. She wants effort, consistency and honestly. If you are lucky enough to get her attention then you have to put effort into the things you do if you really want to show a Virgo woman how much you like her. She might be able to hide her emotions from others, but love is one emotion she cannot hide. She will tell you how she feels about you.

She will show you her love with kind gestures. If she happens to fall in love with you, she will make sure that you end up feeling the same way about her. She strives to be a good woman to the man she loves.

She has second thoughts about everything because she always weighs in the pros and cons before she makes a decision. This is not because not that she is monotonous, she is just extra cautious. She is trying to find ways to better understand you.

She needs a lot of time to relax and feel comfortable with someone before she gets involved in a sexual relationship. She will slowly get into the game of sex, only through emotional contact or by a clear decision of a rational mind, never on an impulse. She is loyal and honest to her partner.

She has a strong commitment to making a relationship work. She is a long-term, supportive and trustworthy partner. She not only loves to learn but she learns quickly. She adores men who are intelligent and well-read. She has an eye for detail and the ability to catch onto things that everyone else may have missed. She is the kind of woman who is willing to lend a helping hand to anybody who needs it. She has a kind heart and always generous with the people around her. She will lend her ears for you to talk about all the problems in your life.

She will give you the best advice and somehow will help you make sense of it all. You never have to worry about her telling anyone else about your problems. She takes care of her body and mind. She is always trying to find ways to look her best. She likes to analyze things with her logical ability. She can think clearly and in order. She knows how to calm the heart and the mind in a difficult situation. She knows how to think without letting her emotions get to her. She believes in savings and more savings.

She is the one who would think numerous times before investing her hard-earned money. For the most part she tends to be one of the more reserved signs of the zodiac but every now and then when the mood strikes she will let her hair down, put some heels on and go a bit wild.

A Virgo woman is an ideal employee, an outstanding business partner, an excellent friend and a loving and loyal life partner. A Virgo woman will always be there in your ups and downs. No matter what the situation is, she will be there holding you down. So there you have it, some characteristics of a Virgo woman. They might help you get closer to the Virgo woman in your life.

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Virgo traits and personality explained

She seems like an angel, or it is her angelic-like looks or actions drawing you in and making you take a second look. Then you take a third look, and fourth! Because she is just so helpful and charitable whenever she goes. No doubt she is brilliant, and her wit and charm are attractive.

When Virgo woman falls in love, she will probably get scared at first. If this happens outside of a relationship, she will probably be so shy that it will become impossible for her to start a relationship at all.

Element: Earth. Quality: Mutable. Ruler: Mercury. Greatest Overall Compatibility: Pisces , Cancer. Virgos are always paying attention to the smallest details and their deep sense of humanity makes them one of the most careful signs of the zodiac.

Virgo woman

It's characteristic of Virgos to be the most analytical and organized members of the zodiac. Their perfection-oriented worldview makes them extremely efficient and diligent workers. However, Virgo's unwavering attention to detail also paves the way for a multitude of character deficiencies , including a hypercritical nature. However, you can always trust the sturdy Virgo to get the job done , and done correctly. If an individual were born between August 23rd and September 22nd , his zodiac symbol is the only one represented by a woman. The Virgo virgin is often considered a shy, naive personality. A person of this sign is typically conservative and often reserved in nature. In short, a Virgo enjoys the status quo.

Virgo Woman: Personality Traits, Love & More

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Virgo women have their very own brand of "professional sexy". Their outwardly reserved, intellectual and precise nature creates the perfect contrast for their wilder side within

Self-sufficient, ambitious, perfectionist, realistic, witty, workaholic, blunt and a total bad-ass. A Virgo woman may seem to be extremely critical and arrogant at first, but the truth is that the more you get to know her the more you will like her. She is born to be the best and nothing less. She will work hard to have it that way.

30 Personality Traits You Should Recognize In A Virgo Woman

Virgos are born between August 23 and September 22, and belong to the Earth element of the zodiac along with Taurus and Capricorn. Earth signs are solid, reliable, practical and stoic. Virgos are blessed with a powerful intelligence AND equally cursed with a leaning towards self-criticism and judgment. They are not their own BFF by default, and it can take gentle Virgo a long time to curb this savage inner judge.

The Virgo woman is the ultimate combination of brains and beauty. Virgo is ruled by Mercury , which makes for a passionately intellectual mind and a deeply creative streak. Being an earth sign, however, these ladies really shine when creating something tangible from their inspiration. How does she do it, you may ask? One clue is to examine her daily planner, which she is never seen without — it will be color-coded, with cute little stickers denoting her doctor and hair colorist appointments, her gym days where she may work out with a personal trainer, and her free time sessions. Yes, relaxation is something she plans out ahead of time, too!

10 Best & Worst Personality Traits Of Virgo Zodiac Sign (+ Their Perfect Love Compatibility Match)


Virgo Star sign is the sixth sign of the zodiac and is considered as the one that makes things happen with perfection. Virgo is reliable, organized, prudent, and.








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