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How to look for job in another state

If only to know the joy of filing taxes in two places. First things first: the biggest myth of job hunting in other states. To be frank, lying about your background is never a good idea. Maybe, maybe , before the internet, it was easy to fudge your location, but a quick Google of your name, your previous employers, and any of your social media profiles will reveal the truth.


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How to search for an out-of-state job

Your spouse or partner is being transferred to another office out of state. You moved away after college and now want to be closer to your family again. Or perhaps you simply have the urge to escape your current city and establish yourself in a new one. Whatever the reason, you've made the decision to relocate, and now you have to figure out your next steps.

Entrepreneurs and professionals who are able to work remotely may not have to worry about their employment situation, but if a new city means finding a new job for you, you might face a few more hurdles than the average in-state job seeker. If you want to set employers at ease and make them feel confident about considering an out-of-state candidate, here are a few tips to help you stand out and land a job. Research the area. Have your heart set on a certain area of the country?

You might want to check out which cities have the best opportunities for your field. Otherwise, you could be setting unreasonable expectations and getting discouraged. In an article on Quintessential Careers , authors Katharine and Randall Hansen advised learning as much as you can about the city to which you wish to relocate, if for no other reason than to make sure that's where you really want to be. William Vanderbloemen, CEO of staffing firm Vanderbloemen Search Group , noted that moving to a vastly different region of the country requires special consideration as well, as job seekers may not be prepared for the culture shock.

The old saying is true: A southerner can go anywhere, but not anyone can go to the south. People communicate differently in different parts of the country. Tap into your network. Your network is more powerful than you might think, and you should use it to your advantage. Even if you don't directly know anyone in your potential new location, you likely know someone who does.

From there, he reached out and asked each of them if they would assist him in his job search. This approach opened my options exponentially. Once you officially decide on a location, it's a good idea to start making connections in your new area as soon as possible, to discover the environment and job market, said AJ Smith, Smart Asset's managing editor and vice president of content.

Be honest about your relocation plans. If your move isn't finalized yet, there's no sense in calling attention to it, especially in case something falls through. Instead, Fortin advised playing up your background and experience to get a hiring manager's attention.

Your cover letter should focus on the job and how you're going to excel at it. If you were able to hook the employer based on your qualifications, you will inevitably be asked whether you're willing to move for the job. A great standard response is, "I'm willing to relocate for the right opportunity," Fortin said. However, if your move is already pending, it might be wise to make your intentions clear up front, Foss wrote.

For instance, you could start your cover letter with a line such as, "As my family prepares for our cross-country move to Boston Make a plan, and stick to it. Just as you will be devoting time and energy to finding a place to live in your new city, you'll need to take a proactive approach to finding your dream job there. Foss advised building a strategic plan to target three to five companies you really want to work for. Put yourself out there, reach out to people within the company and let them know you want to be a part of the organization.

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How Do I Get a Job in Another City or State?

Looking to relocate? The most important thing is to try and establish and start building a network , however small, of local contacts on the ground in your new area. Here are a few strategic tips for landing a job in a new place.

Social media is a useful tool for connecting with others across the globe, but it can also help you find a job. Building a professional relationship with potential employers before moving to your new city will make it easier and quicker to find a job, saving you the trouble of spending your savings on the first month or so of rent.

You're in a rut and just need a change. You're moving to be closer to family. Your significant other just received a job offer he or she can't refuse. Whatever the reason, making the decision to relocate can be both exciting and stressful, especially when it comes to finding a new job.

How To Find A Job In Another State

Job hunting is hard enough in your local market. When it comes to finding a job in another state, however, the task is even more daunting. There are a number of reasons why relocating professionally is so difficult. In this post, we are going to go through a bunch of tips and tricks to show you exactly how to find a job in another state. Many are given bad advice of leaving their address off all together. Your resume always needs a city, state and zip as removing it will raise suspicions. It may also be rejected by applicant tracking systems that most employers use to screen resumes. You can explain it further by stating it in the cover letter as well.

8 Ways To Find A Job In Another State

And while the truth is that you are competing with other job seekers who are conveniently located closer to the job location, there are plenty of ways to circumvent this issue and land the role you want. Employers would rather take a gamble on an out-of-state intern than a full-time employee because hiring an intern involves less commitment from them. Most internships are aimed at students, not recent grads, so employers understand that an intern may not have a local permanent address. One of the most important aspects of job hunting comes down to networking. Start off by reaching out to friends, relatives and former classmates who are working in the city that interests you.

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Moving to a new city is exciting. Moving to a new city without a job? The trick is to start your search before you arrive in your new hometown, not after.

How To Find A Job In A New City Before Moving

Your spouse or partner is being transferred to another office out of state. You moved away after college and now want to be closer to your family again. Or perhaps you simply have the urge to escape your current city and establish yourself in a new one. Whatever the reason, you've made the decision to relocate, and now you have to figure out your next steps.

So to succeed in landing a job in a new state, you need to sound as low-risk as possible when you apply for the job, and your cover letter is the first place you can do that. I wrote an in-depth article in this that became one of the most popular posts on the blog. Should you put your current address and risk losing out on interviews from companies who want local candidates only? That can be risky too. Just be prepared to back it up in the interview.

Moving without a job? Try these strategies

It goes without saying, make sure your resume and cover letter are top notch. Are they just mass submitting their resume? Also, add a mention of your impending relocation to the summary section of your LinkedIn profile. Cities tend to specialize in certain industries. Should you move for work? This tool will help you decide if you should move for work. Once you start applying, be sure to follow-up. Some hiring managers may discard your resume simply because of the relocation issue.

Jan 25, - Getting an out-of-state job when you want to relocate can be difficult. You might want to check out which cities have the best opportunities for.

So, you may have the opportunity to take your job with you when you move. That can be challenging; you may not be familiar with local companies, and you may not have as strong a network of connections in the area, either. Still, getting a job in a distant location may be easier now than it was decades ago, thanks to social media and the ability to have video-based interviews. Even with smaller companies, there may be opportunities to interview long distance. If you are currently employed, reach out to your Human Resources department to see whether any offices are located in your future locale or if there would be an option to work remotely.

Want to Relocate? How to Get an Out-of-State Job

Companies are often reluctant to hire people from a different state, but there are ways to increase your appeal and reduce the number of obstacles. Perhaps you're planning to move to a specific location, or perhaps you've simply broadened your job search to include more distant opportunities. Either way, start by finding potential jobs and working through the application process before preparing to move.






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