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How to look smart and stylish girl

Looking good in your office wear not only get you compliments from your colleagues but also makes your self-esteem soar high. Wearing something smart, work appropriate, and trendy at the same time can add to your personality. We know you look your best in whatever you wear, but if you need some ideas regarding office wear, we bring you an article which will help you with ideas and tips on how to experiment a bit more and add to your collection of professional yet stylish office wear. Listed below are some stylish and trendy office wear ideas that you can try.


How to Dress Nice & Look Stylish – Your 5 Step Checklist

That would be awesome, right? Less people questioning your judgement and it would be easier to make things happen. Important note — all these tips work best on strangers or people who don't know you well. You can't fool people for long if you're not truly competent — so always be improving your core skill-sets! This post is brought to you by Audible. This is how I consume all of my information when on the go. It's very colloquial but the wisdom that's conveyed is spot on. Listening is a skill that needs to be developed.

It allows you to ingest all of the information that is being presented. This is important because when you respond, you will be able to speak to what was actually communicated. Don't listen just to have a response or a knee-jerk reaction. Instead, listen to understand.

Often times people listen only waiting for the opportunity to fire back emotionally. Listening to understand puts the perspective of the person with whom you're speaking first — which is a key skill that will diffuse. What must be noted is that the questions should be:. When you pose questions is this manner it allows a conversation to flow naturally and intuitively.

Both are odd. Walking with your eyes to the ground shows a lack of confidence and self-assurance. Neither of these is the appropriate level of eye contact.

The appropriate level is simple to understand. The level of confidence that you give off when maintaining comfortable eye contact is directly related to the perceived level of intellect. Another well known saying is that the easiest way to hide something from someone is to put it in a book.

Everything is in to characters now. In order to remember and use quotes, you must read…a lot. Too busy to read? The benefits of getting sleep are widely known. Sleep seems to be looked at as a commodity in today's world. Everyone has entered into the rat race — on the go all the time and not getting adequate rest. Getting rest is paramount for a healthy lifestyle. It helps you:. I've written an another article that goes into great detail but sleep supports your intellectual capacity by.

So it's okay to log out of your email and close your laptop or iPad. You literally need to recharge. It's a recognition thing. Popular culture has drilled into our heads that the smart guy wears glasses. Movies, commercials, and TV shows are riddled with examples of the nerdy guy with specs. I'm not saying that you will look like a nerd. I am saying that this is an illustration of the idea that guys who wear eyeglasses are more intelligent.

In fact, a article that was published in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin found that wearing glasses helps you to be successful during interviews. What's left to deduce is that interviewers are more likely to perceive you as a person who is capable of doing the job, in part, based on you wearing glasses.

Even the types of frames that are worn have an effect on perceived intelligence levels. Guys who wear wider frames are perceived to be smarter than those who wear thin frames. Litigation attorneys rely on this stereotype when prepping witnesses and experts during a trial. Being a man who wears a fragrance is synonymous with a being a man who is clean. To really boost your attractiveness, you can:. This kind of look should be your uniform. Something as simple as simple as a crisp white v-neck shirt with paired with a pair of chino shorts and, casual sneakers to run your Saturday morning errands, is not too much to ask.

The study held that the below style tips were needed to achieve the intelligent look at work or in casual environment:. Wearing red is a great way to draw attention to you. This is a universal notion. Think about it, all traffic lights around the globe turn red to stop you. The color literally controls how you drive.

Another example of the authority that we ascribe to red is the frequency that it is seen in flags. There are independent countries in the world. In order to become a sovereign nation, it takes savvy, moxie, calculating intelligence and other admirable qualities.

Wearing red does the same thing. People tend to associate intellect with authority and confidence. It takes a confident man to wear red. If you put on a stylish red tie with a perfectly tailored navy suit, you are giving off a commanding vibe that requires respect.

If you are savvy enough to be able to understand how to use the newest form of technology you will have a leg up. Many men are creatures of habit. If it works, then why change it? But when you do tap into a techie side and leverage it for your benefit, it can be seen as. All of these are qualities and characteristics of an intelligent man.

You can be sure to keep all of your reading with you at all times with Audible. This post was brought to you by Audible. This is how I consume all of my information when I am on the go. First impressions matter. They matter A LOT. Everyday you meet new people. At work — you're given a new team to manage or client to help. At school — every year you make new impressions with professors and students.

Instantly be assumed to be competent and on top of your game?

How to be more stylish

The Style Stalker. From avoiding a particularly tricky print to knowing the right silhouettes to stock up on, dressing for your height comes down to a simple set of fashion tips, which is why we put together our edit of the best clothes for short women looking to embrace their stature. Pair it with your favorite high-waisted pants for an easy look that won't seem baggy. If you're on the petite side, a shirtdress can easily swallow you up and make it look like you're accidentally wearing an oversize style. A chic, well-tailored pantsuit looks good on any body type but especially on someone petite.

When it comes to fashion tips, it sometimes seems that everyone and their mother literally! Some are useful, while others … well, not so much. Lady Addict.

Join AARP today. Get instant access to discounts, programs, services and the information you need to benefit every area of your life. Our bodies, faces and lifestyles have changed over the decades. However, our fashion choices haven't always kept up.

20 tips to dress appropriately for work

Whether you like it or not, the way you look plays a role in your success in the modern workplace. In today's workplace, where casual wear is becoming increasingly popular, it can be tricky to understand the rules of appearance. We talked to career and etiquette experts to get a better idea. If your company has a dress code, follow it. It may sound obvious, but many get it wrong. Make sure your glasses fit properly and aren't sliding down your nose. You don't want to be playing with them all the time, says Pachter.

12 Things Short Girls Look Amazing in, Every Time

Contrary to popular belief, really chic women aren't superhuman — they're just well-prepared. If you don't see them running around with week-old coffee stains on their blouses or hobbling in painful heels, it's not because those things just don't happen to them. It's because they know how to deal. In fact, they're dealing on a daily basis. Truth is, the fashionable friends you envy have some very helpful habits that make looking polished, confident, and cool a daily reality.

Getting dressed in the morning should be fun and energizing. When you love your outfit, it makes you feel more confident, beautiful and gives you that extra pep in your step.

Sweatpants may have once been something to wear to bed or to lounge around the house in, but that's no longer the case — and the runways and street style of celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Kylie Jenner are proof. You can easily dress sweats up and make them look a lot more stylish than you ever thought they could be, creating an outfit you can rock just about anywhere. If you're looking to dress up your look, the fit of your sweats can make a huge difference. Baggy sweats may be cozy, but they can be more difficult to dress up.

13 Wardrobe Tips for Thirtysomething Ladies to Look Young Yet Not Like Teenagers

Everyone has their own definition of style but to us, it means finding the right glasses that match your personality and complement your facial features. After all, wearing something that makes you both look good and feel great is what being stylish is all about. If you find yourself frequenting coffee shops, art galleries, thrift shops, local breweries, underground music venues and you happen to support progressive politics then yes, you are most likely a part of the hipster subculture.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: How to Look Decent and Attractive for COLLEGE or WORK - SIMPLE TRICKS

Confidence is key! Being a stylish girl is all about having a versatile wardrobe and keeping things fresh. If you're worried about which colors suit you or what's fashionable at the moment, stick with neutral colors, like black, grey, beige, and white. Then, mix and match the colors to find an outfit you like. To cover all occasions without breaking the bank, you'll need a few tops, both casual and fancy, some slacks, skinny jeans, and a pencil skirt.

10 Office Wear Ideas for Indian Women to Look Stylish and Professional

That would be awesome, right? Less people questioning your judgement and it would be easier to make things happen. Important note — all these tips work best on strangers or people who don't know you well. You can't fool people for long if you're not truly competent — so always be improving your core skill-sets! This post is brought to you by Audible. This is how I consume all of my information when on the go.

13 Wardrobe Tips for Thirtysomething Ladies to Look Young Yet Not Like Yes, cropped tops are stylish. It's better that "something girls" wear cropped tops with high-waisted skirts so that Aggressive sexy style vs. intelligent sexuality.

You might be heading into hoping that it is going to be your most stylish year yet — and we are here to help you achieve that. From holding onto old clothes that never get worn to panic buying pieces that won't have more than one outing, we are all guilty of making less than sensible decisions when it comes to our wardrobes. But, it doesn't have to be that way. Here, we break down 14 wardrobe resolutions to undertake now so that you can make space, save money and look the best you ever have.

10 Must-Have Wardrobe Items for Women at 50+

Looking effortlessly chic requires organization. To look effortlessly chic requires crafty mixing and matching of your wardrobe items. Keep only the pieces that fit the bill. Be proud of your hard work and reward yourself with a little shopping.

25 Casual Outfit Ideas Every Girl Who Goes to College Will Love

You can change your city from here. We serve personalized stories based on the selected city. Don't like saris? Take a look at Neena Gupta's sari collection and you will be convinced to hoard them!

Keep reading for 10 tips to stay effortlessly stylish. Discover fashionistas whose style inspires you, then use their photos as inspiration to help plan your outfits see tip 1.

Add a motorcycle jacket. A good motorcycle jacket improves every outfit; it doesn't matter if it's jeans and a T-shirt, a formal gown, or gym clothest. Black leather is the classic choice, but it's not a must. Colors, prints, embellishments, whatever!



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